Lewis and Clark Expedition By:Mitchell Groh

Key Players:

York, was a slave that worked for William Clark and York was born in Virginia, York was a participant in the expedition and was viewed as Clark's right hand man.

Meriwether Lewis, was an explorer and outdoorsmen, he was born in Virginia and attended college at Washington and Lee. He was also a politician and a soldier.

William Clark, was a politician and explorer, Clark was the 4th governor of Missouri. He was also born in Virginia and also a planter as well as a slave owner.

Sacagawea, was born in the territory which is now today Idaho. She was a member of the Shoshone tribe. She helped Lewis and Clark find their way west to the Pacific.

Thomas Jefferson, was the 3rd president of the United States and he was also born in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson promoted the expedition with wanting to expand west.

Expedition Accomplishments

The corpse had traveled from St. Louis to Oregon at the Pacific coast going through four time zones.

The expedition went on for 4,600 miles and harsh conditions make the trip seem even longer.

They also had no violent encounters with indians or any Native Americans throughout the expedition.

Hardships and Dilemmas.

The crew traveled through the rocky mountains and many landforms like the great plains and the northwest forest.

Mother nature was one of their biggest battles, weather was the biggest challenge with blizzards in the rockies and droughts in the great plains.

Many members of the expedition turned ill, became sick of caught a disease of some sorts.

Plant/Animal discovered


Indian Tobacco

Harbor Seal

The expedition started in St. Louis and ended in present Oregon, the expedition lasted 2 years and about 4,600 miles.

Tools Taken On The Journey

Kneel Boat, this helped them get through the waterways and transportation on water.

Hand Compass, this helped them make sure that they never got lost or lose their sense of direction.

The handsaw would have helped them clear their way through the thick forest and clear land to create shelter.










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