Dolphins Anastasia


A mammal is an animal that has a back bone and it's warm blooded.Mammals are vertebrates wichmeans they have a back bone.A dolphin is a mammal.But they live in the ocean.


Some Dolphins are blue and some are gray.Every dolphins has a blowhole.There are different kinds of dolphins They have different appearances Did you know,for example that killer whales belong to the Dolphins family?Some dolphins have a bottle nose.

They live in the ocean. Dolphins need to live in safe places in the water to not die or being hurt.Dolphins go in many many different places. They live in warm and salted water all around the world.But killer whales live in freezing water.


Dolphins eat fish and squids.Some dolphins eat every day,but some don't.Dolphins hunt for food together in groups called pods. Dolphins can catch fish when the fish jumps out of the water and go in their mouth the dolphin mom gives the baby dolphin milk but since the baby dolphin doesn't have any lips they use their tung to make a u-shape.

Interesting facts

Dolphins are very smart and very playful. They like to jump very high up out water. Some dolphins can spin. Flippers also help dolphins jump and swim. Dolphins are gentle with everyone and even humans.Peaple can touch and hold the Dolphins flippers.Dolphins swim super fast because they have a lot of energy and playful.

Life cycle

Dolphins have babies every 1 2 3 years.The babies can swim with their mothers immediately.They leave the mothers between the ages of 3 to 8 until they learn how to eat. When some dolphins are sick or dying,healthier dolphins do their best to help other dolphins safe. Dolphins are very helpful and dolphins might be friends for their whole life.they live around for 40 years.


I think dolphins are very cool. I think Dolphins are very very play. I think it's Dolphins are very cute. I think Dolphins are cute because when they play with things and when they swim say oh cute


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