Maui By Kylie Wagner


At a total of eight Hawaiian islands, Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island at about 727.2 square miles. Maui's highest point is Haleakala at about 10,023 feet. Haleakala, also Maui's largest volcano rises to more than 10,000 feet and is the second tallest mountain in the world. There are currently no active volcanoes in Maui, but three spread throughout the other Hawaiian islands. Maui's capital is Lahaina. Lahaina is the largest cencus-designated place in West Maui. Lahaina's population is at about 11,704 in 2010.

Lahaina, Maui


With mild heat and low rainfall, the climate of Maui is a big tourist attraction. Central Maui tends to keep steady, high temperatures throughout the year. Upcountry Maui has mild heat during the day and has cool evenings. Windward side has heavier rainfall levels. Leeward side is typically drier, with higher daytime temperatures up to 92 degrees and very little rainfall. Hawaii is called a "tropical paradise" because its climate makes people feel comfortable every day of the year! In winter, the sun is in the south and the weather is cooler. In summer, the sun is almost directly overhead and the weather is warm, but not hot.


On November 26, 1778, explorer James Cook was the first European to see Maui. He never stepped foot on Maui because he was unable to find a suitable landing. The first European to visit Maui was the French admiral Jean-Francois de Galaup. The west half of Maui is 1,300,000 years old. Maui is also a whale-watching center due to humpback whales wintering in the sheltered 'Au'au channel. Maui's large rain forest serves as the drainage basin for the island. The difficult terrain prevented exploitation of much of the forest. Also, in Maui, the people speak Hawaiian didgin.

Road to Hana


Ka'napali beach is Maui's liveliest beach. Maui is home to over eighty-one beaches, Kaanapali beach is the signature beach, and is a three mile stretch of white sand, noted one of the country's best. Kahanu Garden is located in one of the largest forests in Maui. Also the eight acre O'o farm is located at the 3,500 foot elevation. Many tourists visit the O'o farm.

Things To Do

Surfing is a very popular activity that people love to enjoy doing on Maui's most famous surfing spot, Ho'okipa Beach. Snorkeling is also one of the most popular activities in Maui. There are more than thirty beaches to snorkel in! Honolua Bay is the most popular snorkeling spots in Maui. The Haleakala National Park has so many options of cool things to do. You could take a hike in the wilderness, you could visit streams and waterfalls, or you could observe the night sky at the summit of Haleakala.

Maui Facts

Maui's flower is the damask rose. Maui has one native land mammal, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. Maui is actually a Hawaiian boy name. Also, Maui means 'the god of fire'. Maui has thirty miles full of beaches. In Maui, the time is about four hours behind from Lena, Illinois.

A beach in Maui


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