Gilbert's daily life in his perspective by. gilbert saunders'22

Throughout this album, you will see how I view things in my house, and things I do daily. I live a very routine life, meaning the same thing happens pretty much everyday so I will be taking you through that in order. I tried to capture my height in these photos by creating a deception that i was looking down on most of these objects.

Gilbert wakes up every morning at 7:30 to this view, by the time he wakes up the sun is already up and his house is very bright (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
After Gilbert wakes up, he goes to the basement at 7:40 and runs on the treadmill for about 20 minutes (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
After Gilbert runs he normally makes a small breakfast (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
By this time Gilbert goes back upstairs and logs onto his computer for his first class of the day (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
During classes Gilbert always makes sure he has a drink at his workspace (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
in between classes Gilbert often lays down and watches youtube (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
Gilbert has so many jerseys hung up in his room to remind him of all the places he has been and where hard work can get him (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
During his lunch break, Gilbert always sits down on this chair and watches TV while he eats (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
After school is over, it is Gilberts job to take his dog Sadie outside to the backyard (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)
After Gilbert Takes his dog for a walk he leaves to go workout (Photo by Gilbert Saunders'22)


Gilbert Saunders'22