Renovations aim to improve beach going experience at Compo By Roxy Augeri '20

As the new beach season rolls around, patrons of Compo Beach will notice new additions to their beloved town beach. Last July, the Board of Finance approved a remodel of both the decor and beach regulations in order to make the experience of attending the public park more enjoyable for residents of Westport as well as those living around the area.

One of the main changes made was the new regulations are the way that visitors are allowed to interact on the beach. Some of the most shocking adjustments include; the restriction of playing sports to designated areas, the ban on floatation devices and boogie boards to South beach, and limits on the volume of music.

One of the major changes made were the new regulations placed on visitors. Families with daily passes are no longer allowed to park in spots directly on the beach, and priority will be given to anyone who contains a season pass.

Another large addition is a new surface added to the beach, that travels all the way to the edge of the water.

Called a MobiMat, this surface will allow for anyone with a wheelchair, stroller, or cart to have easy access to the water. While before these visitors would not have been able to travel over the sand, now they have the opportunity to have a more immersive beach experience.

The most drastic change is the new roof added to the pavilion. Last year, the roof had to be removed due to safety issues. The biggest project taken on with the renovations, the board allotted $400 thousand dollars to the project.

Made with sleek bright wood and intricate gray support beams, the new design is more structurally sound. The design appeals to all audiences and captivates with it's sleek architecture.

Photos contributed by Roxy Augeri '20


Photos contributed by Roxy Augeri '20

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