The 2 Days A Short narrative about george

This is Georges house.

It was warm and dry night and all talk was about the blinding RMS Titanic. As for me I was two nights away from the ride of my life on this ship. Then I saw my friend Max. "Hey mate what are you doing here?" He answered "oh I just wanted to tell you that I got a ticket for the Titanic!" I was gobsmacked. "How did you get it?" He just said that his family had saved up enough quids to get the tickets. After that I rushed inside and told mum and da. I told my fokes that I was knackered and I went outside to say cheers to Max. Then after that I went to bed.

When George is happy.

The next day I woke up I was so happy because now it was one more day until we set sail on the Titanic. We were still packing so I went to my room and packed all my close and things I wanted for the trip. My parents came in my room and asked me "have you been packing all morning?" I ansered "yes." They were corkered when they saw I had pack my whole bag. After that I went to eat my brekkie and had some tea with it. When I was done I through my rubbish away and went outside to go play with my mates. We were outside for a long time and then went to eat dinner. When we were at dinner I asked everyone "are all of you going on the Titanic?" They all said yes. After we were done there we all went back to our cottages.

Georges friends.

That night we all played cards for our last night at the house. I won a few games of cards and some of the games were wicked. Once we were done playing we went to bed and we all could not sleep because of the ace trip we were going on tomorrow. All of a sudden my mum turned the hoover on and it was loud. Once she was done I fell to sleep.

The sun rise.

When I woke up in the morning I looked out my window and saw the brilliant sunrise and watched it. It was the perfect morning for the bording of the Titanic. Then all of the sudden I lost the plot because my friends were banging on the door. I went down stairs and opened the door and said "morning." I mean I was bugger all today so I could only talk to my friends. After they were gone my parents were all ready to get on the Titanic and we set of one the adventure of our lives.

When the Titanic was getting ready to sail.

Corker — Someone or something that/who is outstanding. Blinding — An adjective for excellence. Brekkie-- It means breakfast. Tea-- It is a flavored water. Rubbish-- It means trash or to through it away. Dinner--Lunch Wicked--A young persons word meaning 'great' or 'cool'. Ace--A British slang term that means something that is brilliant or excellent. Hoover--Hoover is a company that makes vacuum cleaners or is a vacum. ‘Gobsmacked’ – a truly British expression meaning to be shocked and surprised beyond belief. cottages-- It is the british word for homes. Lost the plot--means to become angry. Brilliant-- something exciting or excellent. Bogger all--To have nothing at all. Mum--mom. Da--dad Fokes--family Knackered--tire (someone) out; exhaust. Cheers--it also means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’. Morning--It is the way in british to say good morning.


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