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HISTORY IN BRIEF: ALCHEMY--Medieval Chemical Science and Speculative Philosophy, whose aims were the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure of diseases and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolongation of life.

Mission: To enhance and improve life expectancy--- Purpose: To provide accurate education to motivate efforts: inform, entertain, and inspire!

Email for Private Consultations: to obtain password to the consultation platform and instructions on how to pay the initial consultation fee.

Ayurvedic Philosophy: Humans are influenced by the same rules as nature. Nature is always seeking balance to bring the philosophy into consciousness and to work with the energies to understand why they get out of balance.

Be Bossy About Your Health!

It is a system of the study of nature and the same laws as other natural beings govern us. To ignore this could lead to imbalance and disharmony with disease in the mind and body.

Treat The Inner Child

The Ayurvedic System of medicine understands our deepest connections with the whole universe and the influences of these energies that make up the universe.

The Body Systems All Intertwined

Good digestion and detoxification are critical to health. Support the renewal process of reversing disease in the body. Detoxification improves skin and rids free radicals that accumulate from daily sun exposure and environmental pollution. To detox the skin, brighten and reduce redness by incorporating foods like oranges, almonds, and kale to detox and balance your system. Lack of sleep leads to a dull. And dehydrated complexion (dry, dull skin). Sleeping allows the skin to restore its natural glow, balance, and energy. Working out (exercising) increases the blood flow to the skin for glory results. Work to balance out the ecosystem, which is a community of animals, plants and bacteria (good and bad) interrelated to the physical and chemical environment.

Practice Emotional Intelligence

FACTORS TO CONSIDER-- Inflammation comes from an emotional standpoint:

  • Environment
  • Food
  • Conflict
  • Fiery Relationships
  • Aggressive Interactions
The Food Triangle
Motivation (Intrinsic & Extrinsic)

Eat better to reduce the risk of malnutrition, which leads to malabsorption. Work towards controlling your eating habits to avoid obesity, which leads to other complications. THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH. Each individual has h/her own unique constitution, so consult your physician before trying any naturopathic remedy if you so choose. Consultations are specific to each unique individual, avoid the temptation to compare your conditions to other's, find the remedies that work for you! YOU are your best asset...

Be The Best You! Love Yourself Amore!
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