Mary Woolley Hands and Feet Project

I used oil pastels to tell the story of someone reading under their blankets. I chose this because it is a little open ended. Who are they? What are they reading? Why are they under the covers? Personally, I like to see a young child who is up past their bedtime who is so absorbed in the story that they are staying up against their parents' wishes. This is often what I did when I was a child, my mom tells me that I always had a book in my hand. The book I used in this picture is a book I have had since I was five or six, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I faced some challenges using the oil pastels because it is very hard to be detailed with them, and my sheet had a very delicate flower pattern on it. At first I attempted the flowers, but when that proved impossible I attempted to make them polka dots. I then just decided to leave out the pattern all together. I now understand why we had to use the large paper: had it been any smaller I would have had to leave out many more details, such as the words on the pages, which were already reduced to just lines. Also, the material got everywhere: all over the paper in places I did want it to be, on my face, hands, and clothes. This was very frustrating. Overall I did not like the oil pastels but I do like how my piece is looking.

Nearly finished
Early progress
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Mary Woolley


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