Hidden Figuers by trevor & Cobe

Loved math At young age. Cedarburg was 1918 in white sulphur spring weit Virginia. Love for math was inherited. Anxious for school begin see begin studying in second grade, when she was 10 years old she was in high school


Finished high school at age 14.She enrolled at West Virginia State College at age 15. At age 18 graduated summa cum laude with

Katherine Johnson was a mathematician for NASA Trying to find the launch and Landing latitude for friendship seven. Johnson's co-workers made her used another coffee pot because she was another color.

  • Early life: Born Sept.10 1942, North Caroline
  • She was the youngest of 5 children

Hidden figures there was some segregation but not as much at NASA, but there are a few Examples Of segregation. Dorothy vaughan surprised me stole the book and fixed the IBM. Mary jackson surprised She helped with the pod and Went to night school.


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