Without A Map By Sam Roberts Band


2011 | Rock

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“I'm without a map. -- I'm walking into a trap and there's a white flag on the wind. -- I surrender to the very mention of you. -- I hope I get to see you again."
  • Collider is the first album to be released under the moniker Sam Roberts Band as opposed to being a solo title.
  • Roberts was born to South African immigrants in Quebec, Canada.
  • He has 6 Juno awards as well as another 8 nominations.


Luke Tatum

Smooth, simple tune with an interesting message. "Honey, don't you point that gun at me" seems to be talking about the US government. It's an ideal that has gotten more violent with time, and the poor narrator with stockholm syndrome still wants to see Uncle Sam again, even at the risk of injury or death. "I surrender to the very mention of you," seems to reinforce this point, at least how I'm hearing it. If only "Why don't you try and get some sleep?" was all the advice we had to give the sinister state, eh?

Sherry Voluntary

This laid back song seems to be more of a love song than a freedom song, but in a way love is about freedom isn't it? Can you say you truly love someone if you don't allow them choice? Love out of a sense of obligation or pressure, isn't love at all. Most normies would have you believe that The State gave you your rights and it is the only protector of the rights it gives, and therefore you are obliged to "be a part of the process." I reject that line of thinking as well as the damned process. I love the ideal that was America. The one after the Declaration of Independence and before the Constitution. The one that those jerks talk about, but can never seem to vote just the right mix of just the right people in, to get to those ideals of freedom, self determination, and individualism. No, they don't truly love the ideals that America was founded on. They love the violence and authoritarianism of legislating and nannying the populace in numerous and sundry ways, in an effort to remake their neighbors in their own image. That has nothing to do with love or freedom.

Nicky P

I'm genuinely not sure which way this one is going. Is it a political song meant to be a love song or a love song meant to be viewed through a freedom lens. I think I want to dedicate this song to Toby Keith. Forever searching for this elusive freedom in foreign lands. Ignoring the road map to peace we already have in an effort to pine for this idea of America. Let's run out and kill a bunch of sand people in an effort to bring freedom back. I'm pretty sure freedom is on the other side of the cameras on every corner. Clearly I'm facetious.

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Nicky P

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