The Era of Good Feelings Trimester 2 project

What was it like to be an american in the early 1800s? What was it like to be in a newly born country? Was it the Era of Good Feelings good for everyone? For Slaves and women this might have not been a good time. Now of days there are no slaves and Women have it better in American than they do in any other country in the world. This is the Era of Good feeling.

In the early 1800s American music was just beginning. There was also many types of early American music. Though most of this music was sung and hear in church. Many people started to sing and dance on their own time. They played a new type of music called the fiddles.Other Types of music were Classical, Spiritual, and Minstril. The Star Spangled Banner was written in this era and it was made the national anthem. They also began to dance in the

Davy Crockett's impact on american literature and individualism was greater than most american writers. He was not only a writer he was also a soldier and Politician. He is still important today because of his refection on American Individualism. He set goals for many americans and he achieved so much in his life.

Statue of Davy Crockett

The American art work. In this new nation folk art was very popular in the being of american art. People also painted portraits of important people. Many people also painted pictures of the hudson river. The Hudson River was an American icon. It showed the beauty of America and how it was a land that was better than in other places. Most of North america was still unexplored and this attracted foreigners. George Catlin painted pictures of Native americans. John James Audubon painted pictures of nature and he painted american birds.

  • Politics in the 1800s. The U.S. president was James Monroe he was elected in the year 1816. He served two terms which meant that he was in office for eight years. He helped the economic nationalism. Other people in government supported capitalism which was going to help in Americas future. He was the third presidents to die on the fourth of july. John Quincy Adams wrote the monroe doctrine.
James Monroe

I believe that it should be called the Era of Good feelings because it was the beginning of lots of American customs and it shaped our culture. Some may argue that it was not a good time for women or slaves which it wasn't but there was more good that helped shape this country. All the things in the paragraphs before tells about how American culture and customs began .

To be an American it was many things. To be living in the 1800s was a gift. The beginning of this new county America left its cradle and started to grow. This was truly the Era of good feelings.

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