Wendy Sweetmore Executive Producer, Dreamtime Entertainment (former Senior Exec. MGM/Mark Burnett Productions)


Wendy's mission is to empower women and children to reach their highest potential. She achieves this through her entrepreneurial ventures, creating high quality content with a conscience, advocating for women and leading non-profit organizations. A seasoned Media Executive with over 25 years of experience working with entertainment companies globally. As a Producer of original high-quality content, Wendy has mastered all aspects of the creative process, including writing, production, development, PR, marketing, brand integration and sales, throughout her distinguished career Career highlights:

• As Senior Executive for Mark Burnett Productions during growth stages (now MGM), Wendy created, produced and sold content for domestic and international TV markets. Shows produced by the company during Wendy’s tenure include; The Voice (#1 Series in America), Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, and Shark Tank, while the company also garnished numerous Emmy Awards.

• Worked with Hearst Publications to create content extension for their internationally recognized magazines including: Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire and Seventeen Magazine.

• Collaborated with top brands for show development including: Walmart, & P&G

• Produced acclaimed TV series including: Oprah’s Big Give (ABC), The Apprentice (NBC), and number #1 comedy show in Australia Just Kidding (Channel 9, Aus).

• Created and produced over 120 hours of original programming in the Documentary/Special Feature’s Department for Rupert Murdoch’s UK Network, Live TV.

• Creative Director for Foresight, Buena Vista’s UK consulting marketing arm, developing and launched comprehensive marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar films. Personally, Wendy is the Founder of LINA, (Ladies International Networking Association), a professional group for high-achieving women that share their collective knowledge and experience to help others.