Mark Asobasi Dominic Class of 2018 - "lIGHT OF THE NATION"

My Background

  • I am 22 years old
  • I am from Anzara Boma Village in eastern Equatoria, South Sudan
  • I am a member of the Madi tribe
  • My family now lives in the Mahanje refugee camp in Uganda
  • The last time I say my family was in July 2016

My Story

LASS is located near my village so I was familiar with the school. Unfortunately, we had to leave our home in South Sudan and flee to Uganda. I am proud of being a student at LASS; it is a family of friends in a home environment. We are all from many different cultures and LASS has brought us together as one. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Information Communication Technology are my core subjects. We study quite a lot, but there is still time for fun. I enjoy playing futball, reading the Bible, listening to news and playing cards.

I would like to be a pharmacist in my country so people won’t have to go to other countries for treatment.
One day I want to go to the United States to understand how they have maintained peace and pass it on to my country. We need to overcome the corruption and invest in quality education for all.

My Vision For The Future

  • I want to be a servant leader in my community and I have learned that requires personal sacrifice in order for others to benefit
  • I hope to have my own business as a pharmacist
  • I want to use my leadership skills to influence change in my country, that is a young nation with many tribes and few options for a quality education for its youth
To be a good leader a person needs to be God-fearing, optimistic, educated and empathetic.- Mark, July 2017

My favorite verse is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." it gives me courage to face all kinds of challenges. - Mark, July 2017

I appreciate my supporters and hope that support will continue through the rest of my education. My prayers are for protection, good health, good academic results and achieving my goals.

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