She's always at her church singing her heart out to God prayed the instruments on the stage all crowded together. She has read the book Some Boys one to many times but still the other books remain untouched on the shelf affirmed the black soft seat by her window
She always has someone she can count on if it's either a friend or God himself stated the chains tangled together on her bed. She doesn't go anywhere with out her phone for the safety of anything out there sighed the black hard case protecting the device that protected her.
She cooks very well making meals throughout the years bragged the pans and dishes always being washed by her. She doesn't have time to get a glass chirped the open gallon of water on the black kitchen table.
She's a colorful person clarified the colorful tape on the organized binder. She was often worn out by the events of the day, moaned the queen side bed with a soft white bear on top next to the side table.
She has never touched the tv perfectly hanging on the wall in her room spoke the four white walls that surrounded her everyday. She always has long sleeves either it being a long sleeved shirt or a jacket for all the wrong reasons confessed the closet full of cloths. She spent alot of time trapped in the four walls she knows all to well whispered the small room.
She likes having things added to her outfit concluded the hanger full of jewelry in her room. She spends time making her self better, echoed the filled makeup bag on her bed. She was once insecure replied the mirror in her restroom.
She misses having family game day spat the dusty board games on the top shelf. She misses her family having any type of connection sobbed the picture frames picked up often by her leaving a tear or two. She spent almost all her years alone stressed her small room.

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