Standing With Your President by saydrian webb

To "make America great again" is a daunting task of its own. But imagine working to save a country that doesn't want to work with you. Trump throughout his hundred days in office has been probably the busiest president, working toward his goal bit by bit every day. what is holding him back is not his lack of effort for a bright future, but the barrier from gaining support that the media has put up through developing half truths and biased to make him look bad. Media bias on Trumps decision to take military action in Syria has been mostly neutral but a few media sources have made their stance clear, that they would rather work against the president then with him.

Instead of focusing on the reasoning behind why Trump bombed the Syrian Airbase, that was laying seige to the citizens of syria, focus has been shifted to a question of constitutionality. Saying that "his failure to seek congressional approval is unlawful" ( Creating an assumption to all the readers that the president is not responsible as a Commander in Cheif. Through their criticism of this event they are shutting down Trumps presidential supporters trust, and undermining him for future escapades before they even begin ( Many groups in congress have even went so far as trying to petition to have Trump impeached. Throughout American history only two presidents have been impeached and both for much worse deeds than the hope to one day end the war on terror and needless killing. All throughout his campaign for president up to this day, anti-trump protests have ravenged the Capital, which not suprisingly have been covers by the news weekly.

On an alternate side many on an international level " welcome" this much called for display of American strength. The British government was quoted as saying that they "fully supported" the military action Trump took. Turkey and Israel are also blatant supporters, partly do to their already long history with Syria. This fairly wide support network has not been covered by the news or had recognition to it. As it seems America is one of the biggest opposers of Trump as many other European countries admire his action taking methods. But none of these nor many other good things about the good Trump have been publicized. Causing the publics belief in Trump faulter to all time lowes and causing him to have one of the lowest disapproval ratings of all time.

Though Trump may not be one of the most agreeable in his public speeches or kindest he is still trying his best at president and doing a good job despite the news's criticism of him.

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Saydrian Webb

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