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Tom Robinson's "Guilty" Verdict

When I heard the word guilty my heart sunk. What would become of my wife, my children, and what would become of me? Do these white folk actually believe this? Do they actually believe that I raped Miss Ewell? How could this be, Mr. Finch did an excellent job defending me I thought for sure it would at least cast a shadow of doubt upon the claims made by the Ewells. Or maybe that was me just not wanting to accept the truth. Deep down I do truly know why I was declared a rapist to the entire community. It's because of my skin. It's because of the fact that I am different that I m considered an monster and less than the white man. But I can't let them do this, I can't let them do this to me. I need to support my family without me what would happen to them? I have to get out of this nightmare somehow. I think that I might have to run. I have to at least try to get back home to my kids I have to at least try to save them from not having a father, and I have to at least try for my wife's sake, that's it I just have to run.
Mayella's Testimony
I don't know what to do. If I say that the man raped me Pa won't get mad at me but the man dies. But if I tell the truth Pa will do the most terrible things to me. I wish everyone could just understand what is happin'in in my head and stop yell'in at me. I just don't want to be hurt that's all. I feel bad for this man but I can't let Pa do things to me like that again or at least I could try to limit those things from happening. I wish I could just wake up from this terrible nightmare. I wish I could just wake up and all of this would be over. I wish I could just wake up from this hellish dream and go home, but I don't know where home is. I don't reckon I've ever had a home because home is definitely not anywhere with Pa.
Atticus Defending Tom's Case
As a father of a girl myself it brakes my heart knowing what Mayella has gone through. However this does not excuse her from bringing this young man into her problems, thus hurting him and his family as a result. However I do completely understand why she is doing this. The poor girl is scared to death by her heartless father. I feel empathy towards her even though I am bringing the hammer down on her while cross examining her while she sits on the witness stand. Dispite Mayella's unfortunate circumstances I have to do my best to make sure that at the end of the day Tom is a free man. I can not let Bob Ewell not only ruin his daughter's life which is unfortunately out of my control as well as Tom's life and the lives of his wife and kids, and everyone else who depends on him, and calls him a friend.
Jem Watching as Atticus Leaves After The Trial
Watching Atticus leave after Mr. Robinson was found guilty wrongfully so really brings tears to my eyes. We all stood up when Atticus was leaving the court room to show respect for him. Well that is everyone that stayed all of the white people who were downstairs left but he and Scout were upstairs with all of the black people, who stayed. Well everyone stood up, that is except for Scout. My dumb sister didn't even stand until she was told to. I do not know why though Atticus raised us better than that. And I don't understand why Tom was found guilty. He was clearly innocent, Atticus made that very obvious. I think it might have been because he's black. I don't understand why grownups are so childish. They tell us to grow up and act all mature and stuff but then they go around and do stupid things like this and send people to jail because of the way that they look.
The point of this assignment was for us to learn more in detail and to think deeper about the book. If we just read the book we are just reading the story. We have to put ourselves into the character's shoes to really feel the emotions that the characters felt. Because how can you learn about a story if their is no emotions or passion? How can you truly feel mad,sad, or glad about something that happens in the book if you can not truly feel the emotions the characters who are living this story in their fantasy lives felt. How can you truly understand a person even if their entire existence is just words on a book if you do no feel what they feel and know what they know. Because to make assumptions about somebody before know the full story and knowing why they do the things they do is exactly what this book warns us against.
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