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Rhea Patel

Maria Zapata Perez, Eshan Sarna

March 26, 2017 - April 3, 2017

AOK: History


March 26, 2017

Our group took our quizzes in class today. We studied the section in the textbook and learned many things about the accounts of history and the different types of sources. We chose to the question: "what distinguishes a better historical account from a worse one."

March 28, 2017

Today I took my retake for the AOK History Quiz. From the textbook I have learned about how important evidence is when it comes to interpreting events in the past. We also got into groups and chose our knowledge question; which is: “What distinguishes a better historical account from a worse one?” A problem that may come up is knowing the difference between a historical event and a historical account. Knowing the different will help us better understand the knowledge question and answer it properly.

April 2, 2017

Today we learned the importance of clarity and coherence and its role in how beneficial evidence may be. We also learned how important evidence is when thinking about how credible a source is. We chose our question and decided on the topics we plan to speak about but we still need to decide our project idea. We want to make sure we include all aspects of our knowledge question and explain how it contributes to the Area of Knowledge of History.


We are looking at two different accounts on the battle of Fort Sumter and asking people which account they think provides a better understanding of the event.

Afterwards we will ask them why they chose the account that they did and compare it with the answer that we had expected.

We believe that more people will select the second account because it provides more detailed information in comparison to account one. The second account is also taken directly from a newspaper article written on the next day, April 12th, 1861, making it a primary source.

Possible lingering questions

1. How do accounts change the way people think of the event?

2. How can we know that a historical account explains what actually happened if it happened in the past?

3. If people believe an account that is not necessarily accurate, is it possible that some of the knowledge we have about history is not true?


This article is from the University of Oregon and talks about examples of different historical accounts and how they may be seen. I found this interesting because it is a university article that shows the depths of history and the credibility of sources and how to see them.

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