"The Saint of My Birthday" St. Monegundis

  • St. Monegundis birth date is unknown but we do know that she died in the year 570
  • The day in which we celebrate her feast is July 2nd
  • She lived in Chartres, France
  • St. Monegundis got married at a young age
  • She had two children that ended up dying early in childhood, which put her in a depression
  • It's unknown if she is a patron of anything
  • To overcome her grief she became devoted to God and became an anchoress, which a person that sits in a walled-up cell attached to a church with one small window and prays most of the day.
  • She live on nothing but bread and water for several years after she moved to Tours and built a hermitage.

Help us find the strength to live devout Christian lives just as you did during your time on earth. St. Monegundis pray for us.


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