Non- renewable, renewable & Plans to Reduce Electricity


Renewable energy is energy that is created by a resource that can be renewed naturally such as, wind, tides, solar, geothermal and rain. To have a clean future we must start to take advantage of these natural energy resources. The people working at Tesla are looking at the future of our world, they are creating new ways of providing energy to houses. They have made solar panels that can be put upon houses that act as shingles and collect sunlight to power the house. These new panels are very durable and can provide energy during outages they also ends up having a big decrease in money spent on electricity.

Tesla Solar panel roof designed to look like shingles

Non- renewable

Coal has a big impact on our environment ,when coal is burned it releases harmful toxins that mix with our oxygen and create carbon dioxide. This contributes to air pollution. Tesla plans on disengaging from fossil fuels because the human race is becoming to attached and relying on fossil fuels. That is a problem because fossil fuels will eventually run out and we will have many issues if we continue to rely solely on fossil fuels as opposed to solar, wind or hydro we won’t be able to function without them. That is why we need to start integrating ourselves into healthier options for our world.

Plans to reduce electricity

We can reduce electricity by buying or using energy efficient products like washing machines, or you can buy an energy efficient power bar that conserves energy when devices are plugged in and/or not in use. An easy to save money on lighting by incorporating more daylight in with open windows than turning on lamps. For air conditioning you can buy energy efficient cooler and heaters that run on solar power. At Tesla they have created solar panels that look like real shingles but work just as well as normal solar panels, they are working on converting all houses to solar powered electricity in their households


Harnessing the electricity from static is a lot harder that solar because it all comes from constant movement, and solar comes from the sun projecting on panels. That is why solar is used more often than static electricity because we don’t have a way to collect static energy. Energy cannot be destroyed or made, but it can be preserved. The sun is a form of energy (solar), sun transfers energy from itself to heat and bring light to the earth. It also powers solar panels ( cells convert sunlight into electricity ).

Electrostatics is the research of static electricity. You would learn about things that have imbalance of charge and the study of it. Example of electrostatics phenomena is lightning Build-up of charge in clouds. Electrostatic series is a list of materials that finds electrons “attractive”. You can use it to identify was is going to take electrons and give them up because if you give it up, you can still get a charge. In an electrostatic series Glass is not great at attracting electrons but good at giving up electrons but on the other hand ebonite takes all electrons. This list is used to make things that will be used with electricity like lightning rods.

electrostatic series

Current electricity and Energy use

Energy efficiency Plans to reduce energy use in things we use such as appliances and services .Tesla plans to reduce energy by having means of storage that can be saved instead or wasted without purpose when it is not in use Can save money Example: insulate houses so not as much energy is used for heating and cooling.

Direct current is when electric charges flow in one direction and alternating current is when the flow of electric charges , switches directions. An example of a direct current is a battery, the current is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs inside the battery. AC is mainly used for powering buildings and houses while dc is used to power things with a steady flow of energy.


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