Why states should ratify the constitution By: Leslie Aguilar

The next couple of sides are going to be why I think the Constitution should be ratified.
Since we are humans and we are living flesh, we should have right to have a say in anything!!!!!!!!
  • 1.) We need to ratify the constitution so we as humans have rights.
  • So we have rights to vote for someone that is going to be the leader of our country, or anything that is going to change that we need to know about.
If we don't believe in a religion why should we follow that religion?!
  • 2.) We should ratify the Constitution so we have the freedom to be in another religion.
  • So before if they forced you to be Christian you don't have to now.
If the constitution gets ratified we will have a stronger system/ country/ state!!!!
  • 3.) We should ratify the Constitution because we would have a stronger government/ country.
  • If the whole country is happy than there would no longer be problems between each other.
My slogan:

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