A Boy Named John By: Kristinne LIllywhite

John the Jock was a popular 5th grade boy who was known for not being shy. He always participated in class and wanted to be the teacher's helper. His parents were always present and involved in his school work. They Gave him everything a child would ever want. His favorite reward being in a basketball league.
Cool Keven, Awesome Andy, and Special Sean were Johns three best friends who wanted to start getting together after school much more to play basketball. They would play during lunch and recess at school as well and even talk about it in class. They were even in John's team in the league. It was always about these four boys until one day John noticed a boy in his class watching and listening to them looking curious. He was known as Lonely Liam.
Lonely Liam was known as the quiet, odd, weird, boy who never had friends, and the kid in school no one even acknowledged. John told his friends that they should invite him to play with them. Not being a surprise to John they laughed and said "yeah right he couldn't fit in even if he tried". John told his friends "everyone judges Lonely Liam but yet knows nothing about him so lets give him a try". They just walked away from John and John was left feeling curious. John went up to liam feeling awfly strange. He asked him why he had been watching John and his friends lately so much from afar. Liam responded by saying he has always been interested in playing ball and has never had the opportunity to play. John asked him if he wanted to play and Liam excitingly said yes!
John and Liam went up to Keven, Andy, and Michael and said" Liam is going to start playing ball with us. The gang pulled John to the side and said they were not willing to risk their reputation just because of Johns curiosities. John said give him a chance or you guys will not be in my team anymore as I am the captain and choose my teammates. They all started to play ball. They assumed that being in 5th grade, Liam would know at least the basics of basketball. They assumed wrong. They would pass the ball to Liam and he would drop it. Liam did not know how to shoot or dribble the ball either. As John was studying him, he realized that once his friends knew Liam did not know how to play, they would bully him by throwing the ball in his face and make him shoot from places to far. They would make Liam run to much knowing that his shoes were very old, worn out, and not in a condition to play. They would constantly laugh in his face. This really pissed John off.
John realized that even with his threat of kicking them off his team they would continue to gang up on Liam. John decided to take a break here and there from his friends and spend time teaching Liam how to play ball so that the next time they all played, Liam would be on his game and keep the gang in shock. John spent time during recess, free time in class, and invited Liam after school to his house. As soon as it was time to invite Liam to the house John realized something much more serious than just not knowing how to play ball. He realized why Liam's shoes were so worn out, why he didn't know how to play ball, and why he was never social. Liam lived in poverty. He took the bus too school because his parents had no transportation. John spoke to his parents later that day Liam declined his offer to come over.
John talk to his parents and they decided that they would pitch in to buy him shoes and drop off Liam everyday to his home after they played ball. Liam happily fitting in already, had the best shoes! Once John showed Liam how to play he asked his parents if Liam can join the league as he became surprisingly very good at it. John at school talk to his friends about Liam's situation. They blew him off because they felt John traded them for Liam spending all the time he had with Liam. John said "Hey guys Liam deserved to learn how to play so that you guys could see he can fit in with us regardless of his life style". They cared less. This pissed John off even more because Liam really wanted a second chance to play basketball with them.
John was even more motivated to keep practicing with Liam to show them how good he was. The day came were he thought Liam was ready. John knew that his friends would accept another game challenge because they didn't think Liam played good enough to beat them. John also knew that they would love to make fun of him again. John said " Hey you guys want a rematch? Me and Liam against Andy, Michael, and Keven. They laughed and said its 3 against two you wouldn't have a chance with Lonely Liam. John was positive they would win. They happily accepted the challenge. Liam was now the one who made them run like chickens without a head, would throw the ball so fast they could never take it away, would block many balls they would try to shoot, and would make most balls he would shoot from afar.
As time passed they grew up to be like the brothers they never had. Liam and John were the captains in their basketball teams in middle school and high school. Liam was now known as Leader Liam. Keven, Andy, and Michael never played ball again as John and Liam were captains in and out of school at the league. After high school John decided to go into business management as he thought his time in basketball was done, Liam went Pro. John started to struggle in life almost going into poverty because his career went south. Liam then helped John out to get back on track as he lived a famous wealthy life. Liam then reached out to John and said " You noticed me when everyone thought I was invisible. You and your family helped me when no one else could. You and I are brothers and it is my turn to help you! " John Later got back on track and both lived a successful life. The reward for both to them was what they hungered for always. John helped change someones life become nothing to something and he will forever live satisfied with his life. John realized that even though he was polar and had his 3 best friends, that he in the end was the one who really felt lonely till he met Liam. Liam became what he always dreamed about being and worked hard to make John proud and make the best of this opportunity he never thought he had thanks to a boy named John.


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