Walk Two Moons an incrediible journey

It all started in a farm house in Bybanks Kentucky
It was a beautiful house with an happy family
There was so much to do
But one day it all Changed
So They had to move
to the city
they thad to move into little birdhouses
It was rely lonely she had no friends
it was sad for sal
so she went on a road trip
to luiston Idaho
Tehy stoped at a lake
  • but just then boom a huge snake came out out of the water came a huge snake and bit grandma
so they had to take her to the hospital
she didint make it


Created with images by jasongreen2010 - "Awatere Vally" • tuku - "poppy field of poppies flower" • Romi - "window old ailing" • Unsplash - "creek river nature" • PIRO4D - "shutter farmhouse wooden windows" • Pieter van der Meulen - "View into the rhone vally" • johnomason - "Freedom Tower" • realworkhard - "skyline water horizon" • Cebolledo - "207/365 Early in the morning" • DarkoStojanovic - "mercedes logo car" • Ka!zen - "Road" • oatsy40 - "Road" • www.metaphoricalplatypus.com - "Road" • tpsdave - "catalina island california landscape" • Eva Luedin - "Road" • uniquedesign52 - "woodland road falling leaf" • JanBaby - "mountain road winding road travel" • raedon - "breakwater poles beach" • FrankWinkler - "landscape nature mountains" • Thales - "Ingalls Lake" • Presidencia de la República Mexicana - "Inauguración del Hospital Municipal de Chiconcuac" • koudy-vw - "Rose"

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