Sarah Hagge 2016-17 Portfolio

Early Photoshop work:

Adding other characters or cartoons increases interest for audience, making it more relatable to to the audience.
Adding overlays to objects can add interesting contrast to an otherwise boring image. While layering other images atop adds details that the original may have lacked.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is meant to improve the overall quality and look of the photo. Start with a photo that needs to be touched up and improve it by removing unwanted lines or creases depending on the photo. In the first image, the damaged photo needed to be fixed so all the crease lines were removed. In the second, the crease lines were removed and the skin was retouched. In the third, the lines on the right side of the page were removed so that images could be added. And in the last, the wrinkles were removed and color was added back to the eyebrows and mustache.

Paint Effects

Changing an image to look like a painting can change the way the audience views it. For these images we played with the smudging tools and the brush tools to make both of these images looks as if they were paintings. I personally like the image of the mountains because of all the colors.

Drawing Cartoons Using Adobe Illustrator

The first work I did with Adobe Illustrator was this image of Grr. We learned how to work with the different pen tools and playing with the shapes of the lines and the end caps. We also had to learn how to create the shadows.

This was the original image I chose to trace. I wanted to experiment with the shadows and have options as I decided which characters to do.

This was the first image I chose to do because it was in the center of the original to be honest. I wanted something that seemed basic but had a bit of details that would make it more challenging

I did this character second because it involved more shadows and variations of the same color. The color variation made this image interesting and difficult to draw and color.

I was drawn to this third character because of the highlights on the forehead. The different colors on the head I thought looked almost regal making it look like a crown.

I chose this last one because I thought it would be more difficult because there are so many more colors. The different variations of all the colors made this image more difficult and tedious to trace and color in. But overall, I would have to say it was my favorite because of the challenge.


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