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🦄The inaugural speech of 45th president of the United States of America by Russian girl🦄

Vice President Pence, Chief Justice Roberts, President Obama, Vice President Biden, President Bush, President Clinton, Foreign Secretary of State, members of the United States Congress, fellow citizens

I have the honor today of standing here, expressing my profound appreciation to all of you, swearing this solemn oath. The Founding Fathers bequeathed the strongest country to us. Our generation is the result of their impassioned spirit and incessant flood of their ideals — found on the immortal ideas of courage and fortitude. We are the pristine heritage of the revolutionists, generation tempered by any war. Now we are the perpetual spirit, the eternal ideals and the United States of America.

The inaugural ceremony always takes place in wintertime before the nature is starting to flourish and the actual activity is commencing to thrive. Like the most classical American writer once said: Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun [or son] of York… You know, of New York.

In 1961 the 35th president-elect JFK said 'The world is very different now', he stated the ability to fight for essential human rights and overcome the poverty problems. I am the 45th president of the USA and I am reiterating 'The world is absolutely different now'. We still have the same issues — and even more are emerging —- we are bounded with these hardships we are meeting and coping with. As a blessed generation we must recognize our influence —- we are holding the power to enhance the world and our country handling arduos menaces effectively. The threats towards men & women, children, LGBT community. The Americans are all unique but in fact have something in common —- the faith in success of liberty and freedom we are spreading to the world.

The family is the meaningful unit of society —- it expresses the support by brimming up with the new ideas of maintaining the high level of development of the United States. It tackles all the challenges on the way. I pledge to conserve its astonishing nature by government support. Making healthcare more affordable and improving the quality of the care, creating a dynamic booming economy that will create 25 million new jobs over the next decade, prioritize the jobs, wages and security of the American people are the key first steps in order to strengthen our system.

Therefore, a peace should reign in the heart of the man. We will achieve a stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground. And I let every nation know we will convert our good words into good deed if only the other side adheres to the international pillars of sustainable peace between the countries. And I also pledge all the humanity and the world itself engulfed in the dark by the abusive powers will obtain its freedom and opportunities to prosperous development and growth. We should not come into the unspeakable and incommunicable prison of this Earth. We propel every nation to bear their arms in the battle for peace and security. Finally the pursuit to liberty instills in us by the our homeland will evaluate and maintain the global order.

So the Americans are never too old or too young to be and to create. We were and WE are making this country.

Me and you, we all, my fellow Americans, contribute to the enlightened blossom of our motherland —- make it glisten by our faithfulness, devotion and puissance of eternal energy. We make it by living, growing and inspiring the true democracy of the USA by the elections, policy and our passion.

So make America great again! God bless the United States of America.

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