Getting to know Coach Z and jordan Cruz Interview


Q: I know the football season didn’t end the way we all wanted it to, but what was the emotion in the locker room after the hutch game?

A: it was a very emotional time, but I think they all handled it well

Q: What was the highlight from this season?

A: being able to coach this great group of guys

Q: Where did you see the biggest improvement of the team this year?

A: the communication and team work I saw in this group

Q: With the returning starters we have and from what you’ve seen from the JV team, how good are you feeling about the upcoming season?

A:I feel good but theres always work for improvement

Q: How hard do you think our team needs to work take back the silver trophy?

A: I think we always need to work our butts off, and just focus on one thing at a time.

Q: do you think our group of guys can take us to state if we work hard enough?

A: It all depends how bad we want it

Q: how hard do we need to work this off-season to be just as great if not better than we were this season?

A: really hard

Change Topic:

Q: How has the first semester of this school year been for you?

A: its been a good semester

Q: Did you see a lot of improvement in all your strength and conditioning classes?

A: I did see improvement but not as much as I would’ve liked to

Q: What’s one new thing you’ve learned this year?

A: just being in this school you can learn a lot just by the people around you

Q: Are you excited for next semester?

A: Im ready to get after it

Q: How will you look for improvements next semester?

A: ill just try to keep pushing my athletes to better themselves

Q: Do you think there’s a kid that’s stood out the most this semester improvement wise.

A: I can’t find a certain individual there was so much good kids this semester

Jordan Cruz:

1. How has this semester gone for you?

a. A: it was great

2. Q: what was your favorite moment of this semester?

a. A: meting a bunch of upperclassmen and being able to interact with them

3. Q: what has your favorite class been:

a. A: probably PE

4. Q: what has the transition from the freshman academy to the main campus?

a. A: It wasn’t that bad of a transition for me to be honest.

5. Q: was it hard or easy?

A: it was pretty easy for me

6. Q: Did you play any sports this semester?

a. A: no

7. Q: Are you planning to play any sports next semester?

a. A: I’m not sure, probably not

8. Q: Do you look for improvement next semester?

a. A: Yes of course

9. Q: How much improvement?

a. Hopefully a lot, but even if it’s a little it’s okay, because it’s still improvement.

10. Are you excited you’re half way done with your sophomore year?

a. I mean yea its just another year though

11. How did you prepare yourself for your finals?

a. Just studied I guess

12. Do you feel like you did good on your finals?

a. Well I mean I hope so, wouldn’t want to fail now would we

13. How much stress did finals put on you?

a. A lot

14. Are you happy it’s the end of the semester?

a. Yeah, its been tiring

15. Did it go by fast or slow?

a. It went by really fast

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