Ancient Rome Travel Guide By:Luis Moreno

This is Rome
The city was built along seven hills which protected it from attack. Second, the Tiber River made a fine way to travel to the Mediterranean Sea for trade.
The climate in Rome is warm and mild temperatures . In winter, there is much more rainfall in Rome than in summer.
This is Ancient Rome map
Milan is snuggled up in the lower plains of the Padana in the west-central Lombardy region of Italy. The rivers of Ticino, Po and Adda are an integral part of Milan's province which is the first releases of the alpines.

Trajan's Forum is is what we call the main Roman forum, but there were other forums for specific types of food as well as imperial forums, like this one for Trajan that celebrates his victory over the Dacians.

coliseum still ranks as the world's most famous sports arena, site of gladiator combat and the wholesale slaughter of wild beasts.The Colosseum was an entertainment for the Romans by people fighting each other .
theaters Various plays were performed in theaters
They made statues of their kings or gods
Roman culture existed throughout the almost 1200-year history of the civilization of Ancient Rome.
In Rome, spaghetti alla carbonara is dressed in raw egg yolk, black pepper, guanciale and grated Pecorino Romano.

Poor houses were Bad houses that could collapse or burn at any moment.

The families were household and the head of it was usually a father and people who lived in the house were his wife, children, and other relatives.
Temples honoring the gods would be built throughout the empire. Romans spoke They spoke Latin and Greek.


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