The Good Life Tour of the Harn Elizabeth Martin

Technique of the Artist: Ernest Fiene's Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York

Looking a a picture of this you may not be able to notice but, the attention to detail is astounding. Seeing this on a computer scree, it just looks like a colorful landscape. The painting is done on canvas with dozens of layers of oil paints on it. The different layers give the artwork texture and make it more unique. The thick texture made me feel like I was really there on that hillside, the leaves stick out and the clouds are fluffy, it gives the whole painting a unique realistic feel that I really like.

The Design of the Museum: Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall

The most beautiful space in the museum in my opinion was the Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall. There was so much space, but the space wasn't empty, it was filled with art. Every wall you walked by had something to look at hung up on it. The stand alone walls in the middle of the room made the big room seem even bigger because rather than having four walls to display pictures there were ten! The lighting was also done very nicely so that none of the walls left shadows on each other. The exhibit made me feel like I was in a maze, like every new wall I turned to was a new adventure.

Art and Core Values: Guerrilla Girls

This piece by the Guerrilla Girls appeals to my core value of equality. The picture features a nude girl with a guerrilla masked head. If not for the mask, it would look like many famous pieces of artwork. The title and caption really pull the whole thing together. They seem to be trying to make a statement that in the world of art, women are valued as subjects for the men's artwork and not as artists themselves. It makes me kind of upset that female artists are not being respected for their work. But it also made me smile because at least someone is trying to combat the patriarch system and make a statement.

Art and the Good Life: Leon Kroll's St. Jean's Bay

This piece of artwork used bright colors to depict a beautiful landscape by the sea. i think it shows both "sharing the good life," and "celebrating the good life," because the painter is sharing this with us but sharing this with us is also his version of celebrating the good life. The people in the painting are displayed as having a nice day out by the sea with no worries and a beautiful sky looking down on them. The painter is trying to convey that sense of peace and serenity to us through this piece of artwork. This piece shows us that almost anything can be used to portray the "good life".
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