Trier's Identity

How does the unique and storied history of Trier shape its identity?

The identity of Trier is shaped by its historical French and Catholic influences and its Roman history.

The Catholic Church has had a large influence in Trier since the founding of the city, and enjoys strong support there. During the Kulturkampf, where Catholic clergy were harassed, residents resisted in support of the clergy. Today, approximately 50% of the city's residents are Catholic.

France, being very close to Trier geographically and occasionally having control over it politically in the aftermath of war, has a strong historical and cultural influence on Trier's identity. After WWII, French troops were stationed in Trier and built military bases.

Trier was founded by the Romans as part of Gaul, which is roughly equivalent to modern-day France. Many of the Roman structures are preserved today, and can act as a tourist attraction as well as something Trier is known for, making it part of the city's identity.

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