Martin Luther King Jr. i Have a dream

King wanted equal rights and segregation to stop. King also wanted others to get judged by their personality, not their color. King also wanted civil rights acts to be passed.

King"s house getting bombed had a heavy impact on why he wanted equal rights and what he wanted.

He went to seminary school for 3 years and I think that had had a heavy impact on his life. At seminary school he learned to nonviolently protest instead of violence.

In 1956 King developed a group called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which led him to nonviolently protest against segregation.

When King was in prison he wrote a letter that said he would still protest. I think him writing that letter that wherever he is he still will protest and fight for equal rights.

Because of what he did, he got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. The Nobel Peace Prize means a lot and the fact that he got it shows he is a good person.

In 1963 King and civil rights leaders brought 250,000 people together for a very important protest called the March On Washington. There King delivered his very famous "I Have A Dream" speech.

When Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968 he later established a holiday called Martin Luther King Jr Day.

  • In 1965 King led a march King led a mach in Selma, Alabama to support African voting rights.

King's consequences were good because he got equal rights and segregation to stop but what he went through were not all that good.

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