Year 3 Autumn 1

In Literacy this term, we have been focusing on using a wide range of punctuation and different word classes in our writing. We are reading “The Tunnel” by Anthony Browne and have written a recount of our trip to the tunnels at Westport Lake.
In Maths, we have focussed on addition and subtraction, with an emphasis on Place Value and practising our timetables. The children have been applying these skills to their learning by solving reasoning questions.
In Science, we have looked at pollination, germination and fertilisation, which encompasses the life cycle of a plant. We have also conducted an experiment on what a plant needs to survive.
In Geography, we have been looking at the geographical features of the United Kingdom. We have looked at and labelled mountains, hills, rivers and seas within the United Kingdom.
Our D&T focus this half term has been 'Let's go fly a kite'. We have looked at and analysed different kite designs from around the world. The children then designed and created their own kites before taking them outside to test on the playground.
Our ICT focus this half term has been about coding. The children were introduced to key language such as algorithm, coding and debugging. The children used purple mash to code their own algorithms and to debug pieces of coding.
We had lots of fun making and flying our kites in D&T.
We compared number in maths using the 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' symbols
In Maths, we worked in groups to answer addition and subtraction reasoning questions.

In science, we explored what plants needed to grow by planting cress seeds.

We had a control plant which was given light and water.

We gave one plant water but kept it in a dark place.

Finally, we gave one plant light but no water.

The photo was our results.


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