Martha Washington By:brianna p

Martha Custis Washington was married to

George Washington.She was the first first lady.She was married twice

In the year 1731 a baby girl was born. June 2,1731 her name was Martha Dandridge.Her parents names were John Dandridge and Frances jones .She was born in the British colony.She grew up in Chestnut Grove Plantain.But she wasn't the only child in fact she had eight brother and sisters.

Since she was the oldest she had to babysit in fact that where she spent a lot of her time.She also got a good education.she got to be five feet tall.when she was eighteen years old she got married

Her husband's name was Daniel Parke Custis .She had four children.Her husband died.A few months after her husband died she met george washington and got engaged.

On January 6,1775 she got married.She lived in MOUNT VERNON with George Washington. A few months after she married him she was the First lady. But she didn't want to be the first lady cause the first lady had to move to new york she would leave everything.Her mom had died to. she owned land worth forty thousand dollars.she also gave twenty thousand dollars of her own money to the wars.She supported the wars.She outlived all four of her children.She also died at Mount Vernon On May 22,1802 at age seventy.

Martha Washington was an outstanding woman because she supported wars.On may 22,2017 she turns two hundred and eighty five.I decided to pick her because i thought she had a interesting life and and a super sad one and a cool one .



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