Tom Clancy Writer

Tom Clancy was born on April 12th, 1947 in Maryland at the Franklin Square Hospital. When he grew up, he lived in the Northwood neighborhood. He was the 2nd of 3 children. Tom Clancy's father, worked for the united states postal service, and his mother worked at a store credit department.

Tom Clancy was famous because of his many books. One of his most popular books to date is “The Hunt for Red October” that sold to the press for $5,000. Clancy wanted to sell at least 5,000 copies. Approximately 100 million copies were sold when the end goal was 5,000 copies. Another reason Tom Clancy was very famous was because, some of his books actually made it into movies. Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo in star wars. Played in 2 of Clancy's movies. The movies he were in are, "Patriot Games" And "Clear and Present danger" Other big stars stared in his move. Such as Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin.They all stared as the movies, "Jack Ryan" Tom didn't direct these movies but was the inspiration for them. Another reason Clancy was so famous is because of the games that he made. Before Tom died, He signed a treaty for the company Ubisoft to make it OK for them to make his books into games. The games were "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy's Ghost recon wild lands, Tom Clancy's the Division, and The hole entire Siege series and Splinter Cell series. Ubisofts latest game from Tom is titled, "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wild Lands." It a 3rd person shooter set on the border of Mexico trying to stop the Cartel from smuggling drugs and creating factories of drugs.

The important characteristics of Tom Clancy we're that the was very creative. For example, in his later years of his life, he started to write books. Which obviously, causes ideas and creativity. Another characteristic of Tom Clancy’s is that he has is that the is a very entertaining writer. He was able to connect with his readers and fan-base through his books, he didn't write the books about himself but the readers we're able to connect with his characters. Another trait of Tom Clancy's is that the was a very hard worker, for example, the wrote 44 books in his 66 years of his existence. Well, he started writing in 1984 when he was born in 1947. So he spent 29 years writing and made 44 books and 17 of them were NYT best sellers. Also, Tom Clancy had a supposed net worth of over 300 million dollars.

The reason I chose Tom Clancy is because he is a inspiring writer. I admire him because of his hard work and dedication to writing and his creativity for those books. He worked very hard to produce his books and make his past of books into the future of games. Tom wrote 44 books in his career and made 17 NYT best sellers.

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