The world according to Kervin liew


Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain and 10% of the people who try to conquer it don’t make it back, even some of the most experienced climbers such as group leaders or sherpas die on the mountain, but it’s not that challenging for many people. One example of this is how people climb everest extremely fast; the fastest time to climb is 26 hours by a Spanish man. However, doing something like this takes a lot of skill and years of practice. Besides having to have years of experience, it is very expensive to climb, including all the gear, and the money to get guides and sherpas. It cost over 20,000 dollars on average to climb the mountain, but may have a risk of death. It's almost like paying a lot of money to a risk of death. It is also important know what the weather is, otherwise it’s a high risk of death if something like a snow storm hits. It really depends on how good of a climber someone is and how they plane out their money for their trip. Most people need all the resources that is required to climb, and they need guides to help them understand things such as the weather.

Globalization - making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is a way how people around the world can interact with each other by things like things like trade, but can these kind of interactions cause conflict? One type of conflict is how some country sells goods but they don’t follow the same labor rules as other countries. For example, a country can sell goods cheaper but use child labor to have more people by from that country and not pay the children who work. Another example of this is how in one country makes steel and goes through a lot of work to make sure that while making the steel it doesn't pollute the air, while in another country, they sell the steel at the same price, but don’t do anything to help stop the pollution of the air, so it makes workers in the other country want to work in the country that doesn't stop pollution. Although there are conflicts in globalization it can also help the economy in many countries. Other poorer countries can get richer with more of their goods getting bought from other countries. Goods also get exported more quicker and more efficiently, and it helps export more cheaper goods instead of overpriced goods. Overall, globalization can affect economy both negatively and positively in many countries both large and small, and can make the world weaker in some points, but stronger at the same time.

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what does it mean to be a good citizen?

A good citizen is someone who has the right to do certain things such as voting, but also take the right as a responsibility so that they don’t lose the privilege to have this right. Some rights are decided by the government weather the citizen is allowed to have that right or not. Some governments force people to not have rights such as the right not to pay taxes, and if they don’t follow the rule, they will face consequences from the government. Another way to put it is that people can’t have too much freedom to do whatever they want, but not limit to much of what the citizens can do, such a freedom of speech, which is a way of saying out loud an opinion. These are the ways how a good citizen should act to fit in the society.

People are protesting for their rights.

What makes government important?

Government is important because it is used to control how a place is run and how it helps the society. Without government a place would be out of control and in complete chaos. This lack of government is called anarchy. This is important because the government controls not only us, but other things such as taxes and human rights. The government can also control the president or the leader and what he allows for the country and he doesn't. This is called separation of power. This is important because if a place had one person in charge and he could do whatever he wants without others opinions, bad things will happen such a dictatorship. This is a form of autocracy. If a place didn't have government, the place will be out of control.

president Obama has to talk to the government before making a new law.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are ways how centrifugal corporations could make nations worse. Taking down boarders could result into trespassing illegally. Although it saves money from border tariffs, it is a big hassle to keep every EU citizen in control instead of them running around all throughout Europe to cause a big ruckus. Some countries in Europe don't like to be as part of Europe as other countries such as Spain and Portugal. Some ways there centrifugal forces affect things is language which makes it hard to communicate with other countries. Another thing is euro and Spain and Portugal don't have a common currency with other countries in Europe. The supranational cooperation may have some benefits but keeping the countries in Europe more separate from each other is a more effective way how to keep a nation in good control.

Europeans should have one common currency they would stick with.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to it by conserving their resources and finding efficient ways to make shelter, get food and get water with the natural resources that they have. Most people get water and food near an oasis because water is only found in an oasis when people are in a deserts. Natural resources are found there such as trees, water, animals and they also use the oasis for their camels that they use to Carry their stuff around. Unfortunately sum oases dry up and suffer a drought. After people use the oasis, people like to preserve their stuff by saving their water and saving their food and after building a shelter, they take the things they use to build it. Although the Sahara has oases, there are very few of them so people when people make a shelter, they soon have to leave and move to another place. These people are called nomads. Surviving in the desert is extremely hard and the most important thing about it is being as resourceful as possible and preserving resources as much as possible in the harsh environment.

people are using light resources to make their homes and use camels for travel. They also settle near an oasis for food and water supply.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Drilling crude oil will make a place be more populated, more rich and have more jobs. In Dubai, many oil companies can get rich by drilling natural gas in Saudi Arabia area and more and more people will work for oil companies which makes the land more populated. Companies such as OPEC make a lot of money because the are controlling all of Saudi Arabia's oil, which takes up about 60% of the world oil. Oil would affect having more and more jobs, which lead to having more and more people come to Saudi Arabia to find a job to make the land more popular. Dubai has over 2.7 million people and a lot of the rich people work for OPEC to sell to the market. Oil is the a resource that everyone needs and if a region has more than Half of the world's oil then it boost the economy for them drastically to make workers more happy.

Oil is being drilled in the ocean near Dubai


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