Florida Museum of Natural History By Andrew An

Nature on Display: As I was touring the Florida Museum of Natural History, this display intrigued me with the scale of its models. The lighting was designed to make you feel like you were underwater, and the sheer size of the models made one feel like I was shrunk and transported to the depths of an estuary. The exhibit made me interested in the nomenclature and quirks of the organisms I was observing, like the Gulf toadfish that I posed with by capturing my interest in a unique manner.

Nature Display exhibited in the Museum depicting larger-than-life models of aquatic organisms

Nature and Ethics : This info-graphic highlights a serious issue for our peninsula state of Florida : the dangers of over-fishing and over-exploiting natural resources. The info-graphic reveals the very real consequences that could occur if we human beings continue to not respect nature and and as the exhibit continued, one could sense the growing appreciation of the organisms and their natural habitats that each display tried to instill in the viewer (like my previous display example). As a population that shares this planet with many different living things, we need to learn to respect nature, ourselves, and each other in order to survive.

An informational display detailing the costs of overfishing

Nature and the Human Spirit: This mural helped me step outside of my ordinary life by showing how connected this land is to everything and everyone, bot in the past and present. Seeing our population's humble origins with the Indian people to the now diverse population of naturalized and natural-born citizens fills me with appreciation for the tenacity of human beings to grow and develop new innovations. In a way, it reminds me of the moment in Siddhartha, when Siddhartha discovers how everything is connected after meditating with the river. This mural helps me better understand the Florida people and accentuates the mysteries of what will come.

A mural that depicts past and present residents of Florida

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