Eva Peron A leader to be remembered

Who was Eva Peron?

Eva Peron was one of the most influential female leaders in Latin America. After marrying the president of Argentine, Juan Peron, she became a powerful, unofficial political leader with the lower classes. Eva was very active in her husband's presidential campaign, and this activity gained Juan lots of support with the masses. While her husband was in office, Eva helped the government by awarding increased wages, establishing many charitable organizations, and helping to pass the women's suffrage law. Eva was adored by the people of Argentine, and she remained a formidable influence even after her death.


How is Eva related to the 8 themes of world history?

The two themes of world history that tie to Eva are economics and power and authority. She is connected to economics because she granted wages to unions, cut the national lottery, and then proceeded to to use this money to establish charitable organizations such as orphanages, hospitals, and schools. This all has to do with the handling and distribution of money which is a major part of the economics theme. Eva is also connected to power and authority because she helped her husband out with the government and treated the people fairly. Although she wasn't an official political power, Eva was supported by a vast amount of people because of the way she lead them. This has to do with power and authority because Eva was the wife of the president, a major political power; therefore, she helped to lead the country and this gave her a say in political actions which is all a part of the theme of power and authority.

Where did eva peron do all of her work?


Eva Peron lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she did most of her political work from here.

" I want nothing for myself... My glory is and always will be... the banner of me people, and even if I leave shreds of my life on the wayside I know that you will gather them up in my name and carry them to victory." - Eva Peron www.azquotes.com/author/11537-Evita-Peron

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