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“easter, our time of hope”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Easter (Greek - Pascha) comes from the Hebrew word which meansto pass.

At Easter we celebrate as Christians as we attempt to pass from the sadness of Christ’s death to the joy and hope of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

During Lent the young men of De La Salle have been encouraged “to pass” from indifference and looking inward at themselves, to service for others, “to pass” into reconciliation with themselves and God.

Our students have had the opportunities through their Religious Studies classes, Masses, Retreats and Service acts “of passing” into a closer relationship with God and learning of the hope that Christ’s resurrection can bring “to pass” in their own lives.

At our whole school Easter Mass today the College staff and students enacted the “washing of the feet”, a tradition where Christ displayed his selfless humility and servanthood towards his apostles before the Last Supper washing each of their feet.

Christ was seen “to pass” from the lofty position of master to perform the work of the lowliest of servants, an act that stunned his apostles into silence.

When challenged by his apostles on why he would perform such a lowly act he responded by telling them “I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you. When you have a servant’s heart, we will all be greatly blessed.”

A great lesson for the young men of De La Salle at this reflective time of Easter is putting yourself in the Service of others which is one of our College’s key values.

  • We have now had four uninterrupted weeks of school and are firmly into our established routines, rhythms and structures which we believe are necessary conditions for our young men in their learning. It is comforting that we can once again meet as a whole College for assemblies and Masses and celebrate our achievements, successes and rituals as a Catholic, Lasallian learning community.
  • I thank the parents of our young men for your continued partnership with the College in the many events and College activities over this Term. It is encouraging to see the high levels of parental involvement with the College and your son’s learning which adds to our philosophy of “Enroling the family at De La Salle”.
  • Summer sports are coming to the end of their season and it has been heartening to see the large number of young men preparing for the Winter season of sport in their pre-season training squads.
  • A reminder that all students are expected to wear their Winter Uniform from the start of Term 2. The delay in some uniform items from our overseas supplier has been resolved. Uniform requirements are shown later in this newsletter.

I wish you all a blessed and Holy Easter with your family.

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English


On Monday we took delivery of a brand-new 12-seater van for the school. The reason for buying another van is to make it easier for boys to participate in activities. It means it costs less to go to particular events, and some trips can happen which wouldn’t otherwise.

New College Van

A second initiative around participation is the strengthening of the school House system. At school assembly we have just started sitting in the school Houses, instead of year levels. It will mean that the boys have more activities to take part in, and that the school becomes more student-run, since we need the boys with leadership skills to run competitions and activities for the other boys. It also helps develop the tuakana-teina relationships between the older and younger boys.

Participation is one of the five Key Competencies in the NZ Curriculum, which of course we have a responsibility to teach. When boys have a chance to participate they generally do better academically, have more friends and have a stronger sense of belonging to the school.

Thanks to all teachers, parents and Old-Boys who support the boys in all their activities. I wish all of you a happy Easter Triduum and family time over the long weekend.


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Update


A big welcome to Mrs Janette Vercoe, our new Head of Religious Studies, who starts after the Easter Break. Mrs Vercoe comes to us from Santa Maria College and will be teaching Religious Studies at NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 and Years 9 – 10.

Writing @ De La Salle College

An initiative by our Community of Learning - Across School Lead Teachers Mrs Ronise Laumemea and Ms Arna Dromgool has seen all students from Year 7 to Year 13 completing writing samples. We see writing as critical to the ongoing success of our young men in NCEA and beyond. As part of the process I have had the pleasure of reading many of the essays. We have some talented writers.

As part of the assessment all students were asked about their attitudes to writing. The results are fascinating. Almost all of our students believe that their parents and teachers think they are good writers. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 also believe that they are good writers themselves . However, in Year 10 it all changes. All of a sudden students stop believing that they are good writers. Sadly, these attitudes never recover in Year 11, 12 and 13. As well as that, there was not a single class in the school where the majority of students enjoyed writing out of school. We realise that these are averages and that there are students who love writing and who believe they are good at it. However, as a group our students do not appear to believe in themselves when it comes to writing. We have been thinking about what we need to do as teachers.

Literacy has always been critical at De La Salle College. Paulo Freire is probably one of the names that pops up first for me when I think about literacy. Freire was a Brazilian Educator in the 1970’s and 1980’s who talked about how to fight inequality and injustice and transform lives through the empowerment of literacy education. Critical literacy argues that acquiring knowledge of literacy enables us to turn our thoughts into action to change the status quo. That is what our young men must realise is the power of writing.

One thing our students all rated themselves on was SPELLING.

Look out for our Interhouse Spelling Competition in Term 2.

Have a blessed Easter


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles

"Importance of Home-School Partnerships"

Home-school partnerships help schools develop strong relationships with their students and motivate parents to collaborate with teachers to develop academic performance. Parents also can learn basic teaching concepts, learn with their children, and get to know others in the community while contributing to schools by volunteering.

Academic Achievement

Parent involvement in schools leads to higher grades and test scores and better attendance and homework completion records. These students also are likely to graduate and pursue higher education because their parents have taken an interest in their education and serve as role models.

Teacher Interactions

Getting to know their students' parents helps teachers understand the environment and economic, or cultural influences that shape students' points of view and behaviour. This leads to improved communication between students and teachers, enhancing trust, mutual respect, and the education process.

Parental Participation

Parents who get to know their students' teachers, about the curricula and the teachers' educational methods are more likely than those who do not to help children with homework and ensure it's completed. And, by holding enjoyable family activities, schools encourage parental attendance and interest in participating in other useful activities, such as fundraising and volunteering. These activities also strengthen bonds between parents and children.

Benefits to Schools

Interacting and working with parents to improve students' education provides outside points of view on operations and policies that can improve the school.

In the coming weeks and months, Deans will be running partnership meeting and we would like to encourage parents to participate in these. The dates are below:

Year 7 & 8 Partnership meeting: 7 July 2021

Year 9 Partnership meeting: 14 April 2021

Year 9 Partnership meeting: 26 August 2021

Year 10 Partnership meeting: 31 March 2021

Year 10 Partnership meeting: 5 August 2021

Year 11 Partnership meeting: 10 June 2021

Year 12 Partnership meeting: 2 September 2021

Year 13 Partnership meeting: 9 September 2021


Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Holy Week and Holy Thursday Mass

Dear Lasallian Community, Parents, Guardians and Friends, as a proudly Catholic College, the lead up to Easter through the month of Lent has been a journey of reflection and contemplation by our students. Within our Religious Education classes students were reminded of the significance of their own personal Lenten journeys for 2021. What sacrifices would they make, no matter how big or small, to remind themselves of the sacrifices of our Lord and Saviour?

As Holy Week approached, material was shared that included links to a very special ‘Pasifika’ Stations of the Cross from Caritas NZ. This highlighted each station with a particular focus on our island nations and communities. It was a wonderful way to look at the stations through a different lens and a modern context very close to home.

For the first time in three years we were able to celebrate a Holy Thursday Mass, as 2020 had saw Covid-19 disruptions and other previous occasions, the Easter Week had fallen during the school holidays. Our celebrant was the endearing Father Martin from Saint Josephs and Saint Joachim in Otahuhu. Father allowed us to celebrate a very special mass which included the washing of the feet ceremony.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful assistance of Mr Vaotuua and his musical team of students for supporting the singing in the Mass and leading of the College through the singing. I also acknowledge Mr Matthew Apuda and his team of student helpers (from setting up, to reading, to Eucharistic Ministers, to clean up crew). Special thanks to Mrs Martha Lusa for the fabulous floral arrangements and the PE staff for the set up of chairs and carpet in the MPC. The College also greatly appreciate the attendance of the De La Salle Brothers and the Board of Trustees Chair, Mrs Joe Tongotea, for their caring presence as our special guests.

Why do Catholics perform the washing of the feet ceremony on Holy Thursday?

According to the Gospel, Jesus performed a final act of service for his Disciples, following the Passover meal. Arising from the table, He tied a towel about His waist and filled a basin with water. Then, one after another He washed the feet of each disciple, except Judas, who had already departed to betray Him. When Peter protested that Jesus was about to wash his feet, Christ admonished, "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.“ After washing the Disciples' feet, Jesus explained what He did and Why. "You should wash one another's feet," He told them. "I have set an example that you should do as I have done for you. Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." (John 13:1-17)

The point Jesus was trying to make was already spelled out in the Scriptures, and needed little interpretation. We are to serve our neighbours, even if it means we must do things we might not like to do. Even if the work is dirty or hard, or even if we think it beneath us, we must still do our work. After all, Jesus Himself, the Son of God, washed the feet of His disciples. Are we similing no greater than Jesus, so surely we too should do the same? The foot washing ceremony is an important call for all people that they too should be willing to serve others.

intermediate school

Lunchtime Mass

Lucas Vaaga 8TAM

The school has adopted something new this year. From the usual morning masses, this has now been moved to lunchtime to encourage more students to attend the mass. This new time is proving to be a lot more flexible for students who are not able to get to school early.

8TAM has hosted a Thursday Mass at De La Salle College. The Mass took place in the chapel and was presided over by Father Martin Wu. He shared how we are blessed and how we should always put Christ in the centre of everything we do, like the chocolate treat Tim Tam, because we are 8TAM.

The 8TAM mass was well rehearsed and showcased the public speaking skills of our year 8 students. The students had only begun practicing 2 days before hand, yet their speaking was clear and understandable. As both a member of the class and a student who attended school masses, I can confidently say that the mass was superb.

8TAM was not the only year 8 class to host the mass. The Thursday mass is to be hosted by all classes starting with the year 7 and 8's. 7TUF hosted last week's mass and the other year 7 classes will be hosting the mass in the following weeks. Just as the year 8’s had practiced for their mass, the year 7’s hosted their very first mass with confidence and reliability. The year 7 and 8 student's have developed key skills for later points in their lives and will hopefully hold onto these skills through their time at De La Salle College.

Students, please be sure to attend the Thursday Mass, as the amount of work and practice the boys put in is exceptional. Thank you to Mr. Apuda for organising the mass, the boys who have started the new year strongly and to Father Martin Wu for all he has done for our College.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors by Petero 7TUF

Having peer mentors is a great way to get to know more about our school because most of the time the teachers explain how our school works but it’s better to hear it from a students point of view

Peer Mentors by Iosefo 7TUF

It was a really fun experience. There were at least 4 Year 11 boys that came to our class. Sadly I forget his name but he seemed like a nice guy.

Peer Mentors by Niklis 7TUF

Our peer mentor’s name was Luke. He asked us about our old primary school and our dreams in life. He was really chill and down to earth.

Year 7 Assembly

We love to celebrate and acknowledge our boys who have stepped up in their work and in particular their reading. Congratulations to all our certificate winners. Thanks also to Melvincent, Keilani and Tuamelie for leading our singing and keeping us in time with the drums at assembly. 7TUF did a great job hosting our Year 7 Assembly.

Left Niko Lomano 13HWK - student leader. First ever millionaire in 2016. Right Jimone Lasalo 8ABR - He has read over 2 million words this year!
Desond Ene-Vanilau 8BOE


2021 De La Salle Debating Has Begun!

Mr Wendt - Teacher in Charge

Greetings to our Lasallian Community. My name is Mr Otto Wendt and I am the teacher in charge of the school debating at De La Salle College. 2021 has been a welcomed year for debating at De La Salle College considering the trials and tribulations that 2020 brought. Both senior and junior teams have already started their training and preparation for their upcoming competitions with our premier team already securing a win against Howick College and our second premier team just coming short in a close debate with Kings College.

This year, as an initiative to grow debating in South Auckland, De La Salle College has been collaborating with Papakura High School, Aorere College and Mangere College. Students from all four schools have been spending every second Saturday training together at De La Salle College. Parents and families are more than welcome to attend and even guest adjudicate! It has been awesome to see the passion and flare that our South Auckland students have developed for the art of oratory through debating. Thank you to Mr Stowers, Ms Kuresa, Ms Phillips, Mrs Auimatangi, Mrs Telea from Mangere College and Ms Samiu, Mr Soakai and Ms Afoa from Papakura High School for their support in helping to create space for our orators.

The Junior Debating Team have been training every Thursday after school. This year a total of 23 Junior students joined debates. The senior teams have helped facilitate their trainings by passing on their knowledge, tips and experience with the new junior teams. The potential and passion is real!

This year we have a total of nine debate teams competing across the different levels of debating tournaments which are organized by Auckland Schools Debating.

  1. Advanced Opens team
  2. Senior Premier teams
  3. Senior Open teams
  4. Junior Open Teams

This is the most debate teams De La Salle College has ever had. It is also the first time that De La Salle College has competed at the premier level of debating at a senior level.

Members of the team are also participating in the Annual Race Relations Speech contest, Auckland Model United Nations (AMUN) hosted by the United Nations and the Model United Nations (MUNA) competition hosted by Auckland Girls Grammar. It’s great to see our talented Lasallian orators utilize their talents through these awesome opportunities.

Just a reminder to parents of those who have sons in the Debate Team: a debating calendar has been sent home to all students listing all key dates and times of your sons debating competitions. Students must be wearing correct, full school uniform when representing De La Salle College off grounds. Like boots and a mouth guard in rugby, students must have paper and pen at every competition they attend.

I encourage all parents and families to come along and support their sons in their various competitions throughout the year. There is nothing quite like watching our Lasallian’s in debate mode!

Wishing all our teams the absolute best for this year!

Kia kaha! 🔥

Wishing you all a safe and blessed Easter.

God bless.

Junior Debating Team

Kingston Finau 9HEN

Hello, my name is Kingston Finau, I'm 13 and I'm a part of the Junior Debating team at De La Salle College.

This is the first time being a part of a debating team. Thoughts on it? It has been going well. I have met a lot of new boys and bonding with people who I thought I would never be friends with. I joined debates to have fun and be myself. I enjoy seeing others debating with a lot of expression alongside myself against other students. I have learned a few lessons like leaving emotions at the door and to never bring personal things into a debate. We have four junior debate teams this year and are coached by the senior debate team with Mr. Stowers and Mr. Wendt.

This is my first year at De la Salle and it has been a blast! I also got to go to Tangaroa collage and got to meet other boys and girls from other schools like Papakura, Mangere College and more. We have debate training on Saturdays and Thursdays and get to battle other schools in debates. We also experience watching and learning from the senior debating teams.

Bring on debates 2021! We are looking forward to debating this season.

Senior Debating Team

Jarren Iuvale 12AIN

Another year... Another season. Like many teams, 2020 wasn’t a good year at all, and the same goes here in the De La Salle Senior debates. This year we enter with a similar mindset of reclaiming the name we made for ourselves in 2019 but didn’t have the chance to regain in 2020. We enter with the same intentions of putting ourselves out there, changing the stereotypes we face as young Polynesians and even Asians from South Auckland.

We enter with the same motivation to put Lasalle on the map of debates, so not only do people think rugby and culture when they think De La Salle but academics too. For us in the Senior debating team we are the OG’s of debates at Lasalle as some would say, and this is our fourth year. We as ‘OGs’ aim to continue to build a platform for our younger brothers to stand on for those who want to join debating and anything academic in the future.

We in the Senior Premier team had our first debate last week Wednesday against Kings and Howick College. Our Premier Two team lost to a rigorous debate against Kings College whilst our Premier One team won against Howick College. Our goal for this year is to make our way back to the top and stay in the top 10 debating schools in Auckland and hopefully nation wide.

This may seem like a big dream, but why not? Dreams are free? Debates isn’t going to be an easy task this year going against the best of the best but with the guidance of our Heavenly Father and the great assistance of our amazing coach Mr Wendt I can really see us striving to achieve this goal.

2021 a year of uncertainty but a year of certain goals.

To continue to change the stereotypes once again is the goal from here on out.

rypen leadership camp

Jarren Iuvale 12AIN

Fortunately for Michael and I, on Friday 26 March, we took part in the annual three-day Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment. This was a three-day camp at Kokako lodge with only a few selected students from other schools around Auckland, such as Southern Cross, Manurewa High School, Auckland Girls Grammar, Sacred Heart College, St Pauls College and much more.

The highlight of this camp for me was the overall opportunity of being able to bond with these students. We spent time with students that we would not usually hang out with and did quite a few challenging tasks with these people. Although we were very much out of our comfort zone, we enjoyed every bit of it because through it all we made many friendships and ties that will benefit us in upcoming years.

We were able to grow as leaders and individuals, learning more about the means of being a leader in our communities. Furthermore, another key highlight for me personally was spending time with the St Paul students. In my five years at De La Salle College, the school rivalry between Lasalle and St Paul College was something tangible. But at this camp, we were able to prove this narrative and stereotype wrong of 'constantly feuding schools' and we bonded as brothers. Being able to set aside our differences and pasts, we were able to create greater friendships than ever thought.

For me, this experience will always linger with me because it shows that there is no division between us nor is there anything that sets us apart.

It is only ourselves and our mindsets that cause this separation and consequently, the division.
Michael Gray in Team Silver at RYPEN Leadership Camp

service portfolio

Eye on Nature

Mr Apuda - Campus Minister

Saturday 27 March, a few of our College students participated in service alongside Manukau Beautification Trust at Auckland Botanic Gardens for a family fun day called “Eye on Nature”. Students ran activities and acted as facilitators for the guests of the event. We like to extend our love and gratitude to these students and their parents for allowing themselves to come and serve the community on the weekend.

📸 by Maalo Lafo 13 VAI - Service Portfolio Leader/Men of Service 2021

Red Cross

Mr Apuda - Campus Service

Saturday 20 March some of our Lasallian brothers set out on a task to help the Red Cross who is a non profitable organisation that focuses on giving back to the community and aligns with our Lasallian values of serving the least, the last and lost. It was such a joy to be able to give back and help those who are less fortunate then us by giving them our time.

What the students have learnt is to be grateful for the little things we have in life as others out there not as fortunate as them. Always be grateful that we have food, clothes and shoes, also a roof over our heads. We should not always take things for granted and think of the struggles that others are going through. We encourage the boys to also take part in service and helping the community as we are all one and need each other to look after the environment that we are living in, thank you!

Health Science Academy Fono

Mrs Spencer - Director for the Health Science Academy

On Tuesday 23 March, 69 Health Science Academy students and their whanau gathered for our Term 1 Fono in the Library.

Health Science Academy Fono

The FOU (Futures are Open to Us) Health Science Academy is aimed to increase Pasifika Student achievement in Science, give exposure to different careers in Medical fields, support students through tertiary education, and to teach leadership skills. The outcome is to increase the number of Pasifika people working in the Medical field (such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Pharmacists, Dentists) in our community. Funding is given to the FOU Science Academy at De La Salle College from Counties Manukau DHB (District Health Board), Waitemata DHB, and the Ministry of Health. This funding is used to provide Tutorials, Career Exposure Events, Whanau Fono's, Tertiary Course Exposure, revision resources, and Scholarship and Leadership Awards presented at Senior Prizegiving.

162 students and whanau were present at this Fono, as well as Science staff Mr A Kumar (HoF Science, Physics), Mrs V Kumar (Science), Mrs T Faireka (Science) and Mr A Ufi (Science), and Mrs F Fannon from the Careers Department. This Fono was to give information about the Health Science Academy programme for the year, with expectations for students, overview of events with HSA and Careers, and the meeting key staff Fakavamoeatu (Va) Lutui, the Health Science Academy Programme Manager for Counties Manukau (our school), and Aihaosea (Sea) Soane, the Programme Coordinator for Waitakere District Health Board (and Proud Alumni of the College).

FOU Health Science Academy started at De La Salle College in 2015, and is now one of 8 schools in Auckland that run this program with Counties Manukau DHB (District Health Board), Waitemata DHB, and the Ministry of Health. Counties Manukau DHB found in 2015 that 21% of our community was Pasifika people, but only 11% of their staff were Pasifika. Now our community has grown to 47% Pasifika from the 2018 census. Barriers to employing Pasifika Medical Professionals were identified as not having enough people studying in Medical Health Careers (the need to increase achievement, and give career exposure), and people not having support when studying (tertiary support and leadership mentoring).

Please view the following video’s about the Health Science Academies, featuring Alumni Aihaosea, Nerony, Manu and Shorthand. Congratulations to the students who are part of the Health Science Academy this year.

FOU - "From here to here to here" featuring Nerony and Manu, Class of 2020, Shorthand, Class of 2018, and Aihaosea (presenting) who is an old boy.

careers corner

Mrs Fannon - Careers Advisor

MIT Presentation

Students attending the Manukau Institute of Technology talk presented by Matthew Fiso, learned about the wide range of programmes offered at MIT.

MIT offers trades training at the new Techpark campus in Manukau. This includes

  • Construction
  • Plumbing & Gasfitting
  • Electrical
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Scaffolding

Students generally move into apprenticeships at the end of the Level 3 programme.

Nursing: Several students are interested in applying for the MIT 3 year Bachelor of Nursing Programmes which include B.Nursing Pasifika.

Apollo Programme, University of Auckland

Mr Vailahi with some Level 3 Calculus students

Mr Vailahi is pictured here at the University of Auckland with some of his Level 3 Calculus students. They were participating in the Apollo Programme which runs through the holidays at the Engineering Faculty.

University staff are working with students to ensure that they will be well prepared for the high standard of Maths required for an Engineering degree.

PILOT- Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow Programme

Year 13 students were hosted by tertiary providers at the Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow Programme. The focus was on future pathways, and developing leadership in a Pasifika context.

english endorsement recognition

Congratulations to the following students for achieving Excellence or Merit endorsement in their English subject class in 2020.

Jarren Iuvale, Charm Tuala, Beren Sopoaga, Aidan Amoa, Kevin Fa'auma, Gabriel Toreja, Mykah Lesa-Luamanu, Dice Agasii Taupau, Valentino Taito, Bronson Faatoia, Kaylise Fatialofa, Bayley Cummings, Bishop Likiliki, Liufau Kaloni, Tevita Bloomfield, Joseph Mata'utia, Samata Taualeo'o, Michael Tupou, Adeley Khan, Gerrie Sumale, Justin Sharma, Conrad Paulo Tialavea Morris, Rhyden Lesa-Luamanu, Nikhil Gosai, Reuben Ah Kan, Maalo Lafo, Raymond Tongotea

English Faculty with senior English Endorsement recipients



Mr Brown - Teacher in Charge

Over twenty years has passed since the last De La Salle Rugby League team existed and after many attempts to bring Rugby League back into De La Salle, we now officially have a Senior 1st XIII Rugby League team. We had a lot of interest from students to be part of this team, mainly students who play club Rugby League but had not represented their beloved school in sports, so now they have the opportunity to combine both. After a few weeks of training, a trial was organised last Wednesday 24 March with one of the current heavyweights of Auckland Schools Rugby League, Southern Cross Campus.

The game was played at Southern Cross Campus watched by a very keen audience to finally see a De La Salle Rugby League team play. The game was played with heavy contact yet great sportsmanship. The trial showcased a lot of unseen league talent and made the selectors job a tough one in deciding the squad for the 1st XIII. In the end the more experienced Southern Cross team were close winners but the De La Salle players were happy with their effort and know where they have to improve for the upcoming season.


Winter Uniform

At the start of term two, it is crucial that all students come back prepared with their winter uniform. The winter uniform will be worn throughout Terms 2 and 3. For our winter uniform students are expected to wear:

  • Black trousers from the College Uniform Shop (No Jeans)
  • College Shirt
  • Black Lace Up shoes
  • College Tie – Compulsory
  • College Jersey and /or Jacket
  • College Blazer
Winter Uniform

No other clothing item is permitted to be worn to school. Please ensure all Uniform items are named. Your co-operation regarding our school uniform policy is appreciated.

Limited spaces left for Friday 23 April ONLY. Thursday 22 is at capacity.

Congratulations to Wallace Sititi, Class of 2020 and Ioane Moananu, Class of 2018

Wallace Sititi, 2020 1st XV Captain who is one of three supported players of an Auckland Marist Rugby club scholarship attending Auckland University.

2015-2018 1st XV player Ioane Moananu

Congratulations to Ioane Moananu for his selection in the University of Waikato Chiefs Under 20's squad playing in the Super Rugby Under 20 tournament. The tournament is a fantastic new initiative by New Zealand Rugby. Read more here

MMR Vaccinations

The MMR vaccination will be available at the College on Thursday 8 April. Consent forms are available from the nurses.


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Thank you to all who contributed to this newsletter edition and Service Portfolio and Men of Service Leader Maalo Lafo for the "Eye on Nature" photos