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Pouring Art

Lately I experienced with lots of pouring mediums, colors, combinations, creating cells, floss, hammering technique and others. It has been a great and stunning voyage to inner and imaginary worlds. All These pictures I wanted to create have gone their own way...

The colors have teached me to be patient, delicate and non-expecting the result I wanted to create.

Nevertheless the results of that color and pouring trip were stunning and fancy every time I looked at all These flows and waves and cells and to be sincere - I'm addicted to all this pouring and flowing! I have something in mind to combine this method with my "classical" painting technique and I' wondering what will come out...

In the meantime enjoy my pouring acrylics artworks and have a nice time!

If you want to see my whole artwork please visit: www.utebivona.com. I'm curious of your comments!

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Ute Bivona

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