A Day in the life of : Ravyn Williams Jeanine Luna, Noble Street HS

As she makes her way to class, senior Ravyn Williams goes into depth about the lecture from this morning. She then explained how the lecture made her feel. " I believe it was a nice example as to how much dedication a report must have and what kind of emotional work a report will come across," senior Ravyn Williams said.
Writing about the topic she is assigned to, Williams expresses her thoughts on paper. Meanwhile the class took notes and asked questions. " We learned how to provide a direct to information arroyo that was entertaining," said Williams.
As she is reviewing her notes, senior Ravyn Williams is getting ready to type her paper. She was confused on parts that were required for the paper.
By asking questions, Williams knew this program will benefit her outside of class. She asked certain questions to help her out with the topic. " Asking questions will improve my writing which can benefit me in the future," senior Ravyn Williams said.
As she did her draft on paper, Williams decides to log into her email to start writing her paper. She was confident on her draft so she decided to take the next step and type her final paper.
As she was typing, Williams knew that her decision for picking the newspaper program will teacher her better things. She knew her school needed newspaper people so she decided to become a better writer. " Going to hsji was a thing my schools newspaper has been doing for years, so it felt right to join with my passion for writing," senior said.

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