People of DACA

This is Lucero CastaƱeda. She works at Rogue Action Center in Medford. This is an organization led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, they work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice.

This is Lucero's office where she works on different kinds of organizations. She plans meetings with people to raise awareness on what she believes is right.

She works for Unite Oregon and and her main focus is working with the immigrant justice committee. She believes in sharing power, opportunities, and resources to ensure equitable participation and representation in an increasingly multicultural society. She is heavily involved with people that are in DACA.

She works with multiple organizations like black lives matter, Unite Oregon, The Dakota pipeline and is working with people who are registered for DACA. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival. Obama created this back in 2012 and this has benefited many people.

This is one of my best friends. We went to school together from middle school through high school. He moved here from Mexico and is under the DACA program. He is currently attending school in Sacramento for a career in mechanics.

I met this guy through one of my friends. He is registered under DACA. He moved here about 6 years ago with his family. As you can see in the background, he lives in a trailer house. He is currently working to provide for his family. He and his family had a harder time in Mexico and are doing a lot better here.

This is another person that my friend directed me to. He is in the DACA program. He is going to school right now studying Business. Like many of the people here, he moved here when he was little. He is very ambitious in having his own business one day.

This is one of my brothers friends that goes to RCC. He moved here when he was young. He's also in the DACA program. He is studying pscyology and has a bright future ahead of him. He has a 3.5 GPA average and is involved in the club latino club in RCC where they do a lot of events for the community. He loves it hear and wishes to stay here.

This bakery is close to where I live. The girl to the left runs the bakery after her father passed away from cancer. I remember going to there house when they sold bread and a few years later they opened up there own business. This is a family thats been through a lot to get where they want to be.

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