INSURING YOUR DRIVE Roadside Assistance with Pioneer State Mutual

Roadside Assistance

Available 24/7 - 1.800.828.7067

Never feel stranded and alone again. With the Pioneer State Mutual Roadside Assistance program, help is only a phone call away: 24/7. Simply call our hotline, and we'll send a service professional to help you on-scene or tow you to the nearest repair facility.

What's Covered?

  • Assistance anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Services provided per vehicle, include:
  1. Towing
  2. Delivery of fluids (such as gasoline, oil or water)
  3. Battery service
  4. Changing or inflating a flat tire
  5. Unlocking vehicle doors

What Are The Conditions?

  • On-site service or towing to a repair facility within a 10-mile radius.
  • If you choose not to call the Roadside Assistance hotline, you may submit your bill to our Roadside Assistance Provider within 90 days for up to $100.00 in reimbursements upon approval.
  • If you choose to use a repair facility outside the 10-mile radius, you will be responsible for all additional cost and fees.*

*If a facility is not available within 10 miles, the additional mileage will be covered to the nearest qualified place of repair with no out of pocket cost.

Expenses Not Included:

  • Costs of fluids and/or any parts
  • A subsequent tow for the same disabled vehicle
  • Work performed on the disabled vehicle at the repair facility

Why Choose Pioneer?

We Know Michigan.

There's comfort in knowing Pioneer has been a Michigan based company for over a century. At Pioneer, our employees live and work in Michigan - just like you. And because we are a local company, we know how to properly insure our neighbors. We challenge ourselves to be disciplined as a company to ensure stable pricing for our policyholders - and when you need us most we settle claims promptly and fairly. As we only do business in Michigan, by choosing Pioneer, you will receive a competitive insurance product while investing your hard-earned money in Michigan's economy.

High Standards. High marks.

Our reputation speaks volumes. A.M. Best Company rates Pioneer "A+ Superior" in its ability to meet policyholder obligations. Our high customer service standards are reflected in our 95% claims satisfaction rating.

Our Network is Trusted.

We attribute our successes to our partnerships with our network of Independent Insurance Agents. We carefully select these trusted advisors who are not only your local insurance resource, they are in your community and understand your specific needs.

Relationships make a difference in any business. But at Pioneer, they make the difference.

Looking Ahead.

We are always focused on our policyholders and concern ourselves with industry trends to anticipate what is on the horizon. In doing this we can fine-tune our product to fit policyholder needs and provide our best product. We have a strong financial position and forward-thinking approach which makes us poised and ready to continue Insuring Michigan for the next 100 years.

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Please refer to the Roadside Assistance Endorsement for complete coverage and limitations. This brochure does not supersede endorsement language. Always read your full policy carefully and ask your Independent Insurance Agent if you have specific questions.