Picnic Week Week 5 in Mommy school

We are officially starting our 5th week in mommy school! This week’s theme is “picnic”. I'm super excited about all the fun we’re going to have! There will only be 4 days of mommy school this week because of Labor Day. Get ready to spread out a blanket, fill a plate and munch your way through picnic week.

Day 1

I’m so excited that I was able to find a cute picnic tablecloth at a local dollar store. This really helped to set the stage for our picnic theme. We started our morning off as usual, with the Pledge of Allegiance, journaling, and sight word practice. Today’s sight word was “in”. We used our normal sight word worksheet that I printed from here. After that, Paislee worked on a dot to dot I pulled from one of our workbooks.

While Paislee was working, Emilee had fun with a plastic plate and toy fruit. I also gave her a paper plate, and she had fun swapping the fruit from one plate to the other. This was a quick idea I came up with while getting the table ready this morning.

When Paislee finished her dot to dot, she had a fun I-spy worksheet I printed from here. This I-spy had a variety of fruits for her to find and count. I simply slid the page into a sheet protector and let her use a dry erase marker to circle and count the items.

Today’s books were two from our own collection. We read Little Red Riding Hood from the Masked Fairytale collection, through Usborne Books. These are the cutest interactive books! You can see more about this book, and our other favorites from Usborne here. Anyways, this book came with 2 masks you use to act out the story. Paislee decided she wanted to be the wolf today. The other book I ordered from Amazon, and it’s called Eating the Alphabet. It’s a very nice and colorful board book full of healthy fruits and vegetables for every letter of the alphabet.

The last activity I had planned for Paislee was something she really enjoyed. I bought a set of plastic ketchup and mustard bottles from Dollar Tree. I then filled them with water, and let her squeeze the water into mini cups, I also found at Dollar Tree. I would recommend doing this activity on a tot tray to catch the water that is bound to miss the cups. You could also use paint instead of water (if you’re feeling brave), and have them squirt it on paper. Overall, we had a fun time today.

Day 2

The girls are really enjoying picnic week. Today we started with our usual morning routine. Today’s sight word was “go”. I know I’ve said this before, but Paislee absolutely loves her journal.

I used the mini cups I found at Dollar Tree to create a fun activity for Emilee. I set out 7 cups and 7 pom poms for her to fill each cup with. She even created her own fun by stacking the cups up. This activity kept her busy for a lot longer than I thought it would.

I found a cute coloring sheet in one of our coloring books that fit perfectly into the picnic theme. I also found a fun game that I printed from here. The idea was to memorize the items in order of the way they were introduced. We took turns “bringing” different food items to our picnic. This was a very cute free printable!

Today’s book was called Having a Picnic, and we checked it out from our local library. Emilee loved looking at the pictures.

We finished up with a little Play-doh fun. I gave Paislee a paper plate and told her to create her own foods for a picnic. She didn’t have much interest until I helped. She then loved pretending like she was eating all of the goodies we created.

Day 3

Today we just had to wear our matching watermelon dresses for picnic week!

After our usual morning routine, Paislee got started on a dot to dot I pulled from one of our workbooks. Since I didn’t have that many worksheets this week, I mainly focused on other activities. One of those activities was weaving paper to create a table cloth. I took a sheet of red construction paper and made slits. I then cut 3 strips of white paper for her to weave in and out of each slit. The finished product was a checkered tablecloth.

Emilee played with a magnetic ABC puzzle I created back when Paislee was younger. This is just a baking sheet with a piece of paper taped to it. I printed the alphabet on the sheet of paper. I then added ABC magnets to correspond with each letter on the paper. Although she isn’t quite old enough to really care, it’s never too early to start. She enjoyed moving the magnets around. She also enjoyed playing with the mini cups again today.

Today’s book was called Picnic With Piggins, and we checked it out from our local library. I had never read this book before, but it was very cute.

The last activity for today was painting a watermelon. I cut a paper plate in half and added red, green and black paint to her tot tray. I also colored my own with markers as an example to go by.

Day 4

For the last day of picnic week, the weather was too beautiful not to go outside and have a picnic! The girls enjoyed this very much, and so did mommy. You can learn in many environments, and today I chose for us to soak in the great outdoors.

Evidence on her mouth
Evidence in her teeth
It was a beautiful day

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