1960's Protest Song mini project

1) Artist: The Doors

2) Song: Unknown Soldier

3) Released/Recorded: Released in March 1968 and Recorded January 1968

4) Other Famous Songs: Light My Fire, Roadhouse Blues, Riders On The Storm, People Are Strange

5)Play from :17 Seconds-47 seconds

And we're both a little older

Shows people think this is a war that won't end for a very long time.

The unknown soldier

Soldier in Vietnam

Breakfast where the news is read

Adults get their news from the newspapers about the war.

Television children fed

Children get their information about the war from the T.V. set

Unborn living, living, dead

Represent children and parents zombie like daily routine as they have no idea what the truth is about the Vietnam.

Bullet strikes the helmet's head

Shows the many US soldiers that dies in the War.

And it's all over

Soldier is dead

For the unknown soldier

MIA Vietnam Soldier that they couldn't find his body.

It's all over

Soldiers meets his end

For the unknown soldier

Unknown Soldier is the soldier who meets his end

6) This song relates to what was happening during the time period because it shows the grim mood of the U.S. during the Vietnam War and how so many people were unhappy that the war wasn't ended sooner.

7) The Vietnam War is taking place during this songs release. Many protests of the war in forms of songs like this one by many famous artists such as Bob Marley, The Doors, etc. were released.

8) The overall inspiration or message of the song is to show or spread awarness to the fact that many people were unhappy with the results from the Vietnam War and wanted the U.S. to quickly end the War, which didn't end until after 20 years after it was started.


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