Missions Update May, 2019

Praise God for Michael, our Global Relief missionary, and his ministry throughout the world, especially in the Middle East!

The Middle East

Please pray:

  • Safety from persecution for Christian, Yazidi, and Syrian refugees
  • For God's provision and care for the refugees. That they will KNOW the God of the Bible loves them and is seeking them out. For believers among the refugees to share boldly without fear
  • Open doors to unreached people groups
  • For Michael's family, as he travels to dangerous areas several times a year
  • For good connections with like-minded people living in Lebanon and Northern Iraq, and favor with government leaders there
  • For discretion and tact to serve the best way he can
  • For the love of God to be demonstrated through Michael's work
Juarez, Mexico

Please continue to pray for preparations being made for 4 short-term Calvary Worship Center teams to go to Juarez, Mexico, and assist the pastors training with Marie & Nolan Schockey!

One team will go May 28-June 1 to do Construction on Mexican pastors' homes & churches. Another is scheduled for October 1-5 to do a Car Repair Clinic to train and support the pastors. We may also minister to the pastors' wives through crafts or first aid clinics. A High School team will also go July 21-27 to support the churches by doing games and crafts for 2 neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools! Finally, in late October, a small group will go to train the pastors in Biblical counseling.

Please pray for CWC members to hear the call to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel", and to respond by either praying, sending, or going!

For more information on how to participate in a short-term mission trip, please email kellyb@cwccs.org!

Nolan & Marie Schockey - Juarez, Mexico

Please continue to pray for Marie & Nolan Schockey, missionaries in Juarez, Mexico, who train Mexican men to pastor and lead through their ministry, Servant Senders.


  • Praise God for continued work on the church building for the congregation Pastor Pepe' leads.
  • For salvations among the police coming to devotionals led by Servant Senders.
Pastor Pepe' teaching the youth group


  • For Pastor Pepe' as he teaches devotionals to 3 different cartels in the federal prison.
  • A couple to come alongside and learn the ministry so it will continue after Nolan and Marie retire.
Bob Simons teaching in Vicente Gurerrero, Mexico

Please continue to pray for Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, and Bob's ministry as he encourages and supports pastors and leaders in the Mexican church. He is teaching Systematic Theology to about 20 men and women.

  • Please continue to pray for provision, travel, and safety as Bob travels to Vicente Guerrero from California every other week (a 12-hour bus ride each way).
  • Please pray for Isaias Vasques and Isaias Ventres, 2 pastors who are both attending class. Pray that God will meet each Isaias exactly where he is at, and minister HIS Word to the deepest needs of each man's soul. Pray that the transformation God does in the their lives will be an encouragement and blessing to the many people they serve.
Ethiopian Messianic Passover

Passover greetings from Pastor Zechariah Arni, who leads an Ethiopian Messianic Jewish congregation in Haifa, Israel:

Wishing all the joys

of the Passover holiday

to you and those you hold dear!

May you be blessed with

happiness, prosperity and peace

and good health on Passover

and always

Praise God:

  • The church is beginning to build a larger sanctuary so there will be enough seats for their congregation.
  • They handed out Passover food bags for families in need.

Please pray for continued blessings on Pastor Zechariah and his congregation!

Pray for blessings and MUCH fruit from the children's clothing and 10 laptops donated to Pastor Zechariah's church!

Matt & Noelle Harris - Uganda

Praise God for Matt & Noelle Harris, and the over 300 children who came to their local VBS! Also praise Him for the effect they are able to have in the culture around them. A note from Matt & Noelle -

As our family has been learning the Acholi language, we have been seeing some of the sadness and hopelessness of our community. Much as in Bible times when they used to name their children after circumstances, the Acholi also name their children after the most significant parts of their lives at the time of the child's birth. As a result, our community is full of names meaning things like "poverty", "born through witchcraft", "Born to the second wife through witchcraft", "tired", "problem", and even the name "cursed" is very common. This last month I (Matt) have had the unique opportunity to bring the hope of Christ to future generations. As some of you may know our clinic delivers into the world approximately 40 babies each month, and as a means of seeking Gods presence and blessing, many mothers desire men of God to name their newborns. Children whose parents are named "Cursed" are now being named "Blessed", who's parents are named "Painful Death" are called "Mercy"! Never before had I named a strangers child, but it is a great honor to be requested to dedicate a new child to the Lord in such a way. Praise God!

Madeline & Emma Harris - Uganda

Shout out to our home church, Calvary Worship Center,

thank you so much for the package you sent.

It made it just in time for Emma's 4th birthday!

Eddie & Barbie Broussard

Praise God for Eddie & Barbie's recent trip to India and thank you for all your prayers!

  • Eddie was able to bless the school there with an in-depth course through the Book of Hebrews and by speaking at a graduation.
  • He was also able to serve at a national conference for leaders, sharing the vision of making disciples one generation after another.
  • Thank God for their many other spiritual conversations and connections that can't be relayed due to security concerns!

Please continue to pray for India! Over half of the most unreached people groups in the world are in India. Many know what Pepsi is but have no idea who Jesus is.

Janice Evans, Ukraine

Thank God for the wonderful time we had hosting Janice Evans, our missionary to Ukraine! It was beautiful to hear Janice's story of how God called her to Ukraine. After years of hoping to become a missionary, she was set to go when she received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. When she took it to God, he reminded her of Matthew 25:14-29, where Jesus taught a parable of how different servants invested the money their master gave them. Janice was confronted with the choice of how to invest her life and health. We're glad she continued to say, "Here am I, Lord, send me!"

Please continue to pray for Janice:

  • to be able to return to Ukraine. Pray against civil unrest and possible issues with Russia, which could cause problems getting back into the country.
  • as she and her church-planting team plan outreaches for youth and adults in their region.
  • as she continues to reach out to Ukrainian and international refugees. Pray for fruit that remains, and that she will remain encouraged in the work she does.
Packing for Kenya

What's on your packing list if you're going to Kenya?

If you belong to a super-generous church like CWC, a lot!

  • balloons, frisbees, and beanbags for games to play with the Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) teens & children- 24 former-orphans now living in 2 homes - one with Pastor & Mama Karau, one with their son, Steve Kariithi, and his wife Joyce, and their 2 biological children.
  • pencils for the children who live in Mathare Valley, one of the largest slums in the world. Though their surroundings are bleak, they have found education and encouragement and most of all, the love of Jesus at Mathare Worship Centre!
  • a thumbdrive gift sent to Alvin, one of the SOH kids.
  • 3 first aid kits to teach basic first aid to the SOH children and the people of Mathare Worship Centre.
  • 50 bars of soap to teach a basic hygiene class in Mathare Valley.
  • baby clothes and toys for Steve and Joyce as they welcome their 15th (yes, 15th!) child into their home.
  • and after packing the prerequisite clothes, we'll stuff the suitcases with as many donated socks as we can fit!

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

Be a part of the work God is doing at Calvary Worship Center!

Use your gifts to send CWC missionaries! In just 30 minutes a month, you can help pass out missions prayer cards after the service you regularly attend. Other options: help with Facebook posts, attend a missionary potluck, help with supply drives, or write encouraging cards to missionaries. If God is stirring you to participate in another way, please let us know!

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!

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