Geonetric's "Reboot" Tradeshow Promotion Health IT Company – Best Tradeshow Theme/Campaign

Geonetric helps healthcare brands thrive through effective marketing and distinctive websites. Each year, we attend numerous national and regional trade shows to increase our brand awareness and produce leads. In 2018, our marketing team created a "Reboot" theme. The goal of the campaign was to drive leads to our booth where our sales team could engage prospects in conversations. As we developed the theme, we wanted to include a mailing that would stand out yet be cost effective. And we wanted to have an activity at the booth that would make prospects want to stick around, but not be something that would take away from our sales team's ability to have a conversation. And that's how "Reboot" was born.

Personalized postcards played off the "reboot" theme and were designed to look like an old mix tape.
The copy played up the theme and encouraged people to attend our both to play the Grand Prize Game. It also encountered people to visit a landing page with a custom Spotify play list.
The postcard sent people to a complimentary landing page with the Spotify playlist. Image: Landing page
The mailing featured custom packaging tape that when opened contained the postcard and a ping-pong ball with Geonetric's logo.
Everyone who played received a retro swag bag (while supplies lasted) that included a Geonetric-branded fanny pack, slap bracket, and sweatband.

At the booth, we constructed a "grand prize game" reminiscent of a favorite childhood TV show for many. Booth attendees would be entered to win gift cards that corresponded to the amount noted on the bucket.

Before and during the show the promotion was supported on social media.

The response was OVERWHELMING... with 80% of people who stopped by the booth bringing their ping-pong balls from their various home states.

And the campaign was a success: The number of business cards gathered increased year over year for all shows, with our biggest show, SHSMD, seeing an 82% year over year increase. And, there are a number of high-dollar-opportunities in the pipeline due to conversations had at this booth. The promotion was the talk of attendees, with Geonetric employees getting stopped in elevators and during evening events by people wanting to say what an impression the mailing made.

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