Children at War By: CAmden thompson and nick schaffer

The conditions during the Vietnam war for the children were horrible. In the Operation Cedar Falls in says"Viet Cong tunnels beneath the village were collapsed by a combination of acetylene gas and explosives, while bulldozers knocked down scrub trees and brush. Nearly 6,000 villagers (two-thirds of them children), along with their livestock and food, were moved to a resettlement camp near Phu Cuong."That is showing how children are being with explosives and deadly gasses that could have possibly killed all of them if the gas or the explosives have went off. Almost all of the buildings were also run down and destroyed because of the war.

Children in the Vietnam War had many hardships through out the war. An example of a hardship they had was that many women and children were being killed. In the article it states"the Tiger Force committed many atrocities such as burning Vietnamese villages and the murder of hundreds of civilians, a large number of that being elderly men, women, and children."

The Vietnam War had a major impact on the children of both sides of the fight. A major impact being that sometimes there mom or dad didn't come home. That is depressing but it was the harsh reality that some children had to deal with. Due to Agent Orange, which was used to destroy the landscape so we could move through the foreign land, an estimated 500,000 children were born with birth defects due to the chemical. All this is indeed a tragedy, but as stated in a previous paragraph some kids didn't even survive the war they were killed during the war.

Children that were orphaned during the Vietnam War which lead to Operation Babylift.

The children after the war were heavily impacted. They face many different internal conflicts such as what they will do now that they lost everything. Some have been mentally scarred due to the loss of a loved one or they may have had a violent encounter during the war. Something to consider, if war can cause adults to be scarred with cases such as PTSD, the impact on children is more severe due to they have not experienced anything violent before. War effects everyone, regardless if your fighting, know someone who is fighting, or just live in the country, the war will have an impact on your life. With this all being said the children on both sides of the fight will not be the same .

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