MLK Research Miss A's Class


Virginia Standard of Learning: 2.11 The student will identify George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King, Jr., as Americans whose contributions improved the lives of other Americans.

National Standard of Learning: Active and responsible citizens identify and analyze public problems; deliberate with other people about how to define and address issues; take constructive, collaborative action; reflect on their actions; create and sustain groups; and influence institutions both large and small.


Martin Luther King Jr. was an important figure in the history of the United States of America. What did he do for America? What was he like as a person? Did he have an interesting job? There is so much to learn about this figure from history!


Today's Task: Our Webquest is going to take us on a journey exploring Dr. King and his life. The goals of today is to be able to find out things about Dr. King and what he did for America. To do this task we will need to split into our candy groups!

Twix: Dr. King's Family and Background Information

Caramels: Major Events of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life

Snickers: Boycotts or Marches Dr. King Led

Twizzlers: His beliefs on Diversity


We know our groups! Now, what? Let's go through the steps!

Step 1: Use the buttons located under your groups to gather three facts each on Dr. King.

Step 2: Post the three facts that you find on a group project board on our class webpage!

Step 3: Reflect- once you have posted your three facts from your website, go in your Social Studies Journal. Write a sentence about your favorite fact that you learned from your research today!


Rubric: This assignment is out of 10 points. You will get 2 points for each of the facts. You will get 3 points if they are all proper sentences and correctly formatted. The last point will be for the reflection.


Martin Luther King Jr. was a fascinating person who had a huge impact on America. I hope you guys enjoyed this assignment and learning about Martin Luther King Jr.! know I did and I look forward to show off all your facts in class tomorrow!


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