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Stratagem was founded by Khuram Malik in 2013 on the premise that there is greatness in every company, and that, that greatness just needs to be brought to the surface. We help create the simple but significant shifts necessary to help business leaders realize the full potential of their organisation. We foster close relationships with our clients that allow us to dig in and truly understand the deeper insights of a business while being held accountable by the leaders and staff. Most importantly, we believe in making a positive impact in the world through ethical and thoughtful actions.

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What you get

Innovation: Grow faster and more efficiently with the unique product, market and process strategies that we design specifically for your company.

Culture: Establish a creative work environment through comprehensive processes that will attract and retain the best talent for your company.

Leadership: Make your life as a leader easier and build up your employees skills to share the workload.

Your Business CoPilot

The Outsourced Mindset

Acting as integrated business partners has given Stratagem a unique understanding of leaders needs, which they have -- in turn -- used to develop a series of products that isolate responsibilities. With the products divided as such, business leaders can pick which products are best suited for their business. All of our products are built on three fundamental categories then tailored for the clients need.

Guided Discovery: Through a unique system called Guided Discovery, Stratagem helps business leaders get to the root of their business obstacles

Expert Analysis: After identifying the issue, Stratagem takes a deep dive into analyzing all facets of the problem through data, interviews and research.

Innovative Solutions: Based on the findings of the analysis, Stratagem develops a series of tailored solutions in the form of a blueprint for your business.

Our Clients

Having worked with some of the most innovative and trusted companies across multiple industries we understand and facilitate growth.

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