New semester and more students, the Effects?

James P-Statesboro-1/19/2021

It's been about 1 week since the new semester began. Christmas was exhilarating to all (hopefullly), and now we are back at school. Something did change though for the 2nd semester, What change am I talking about? The students coming back from online school. You might have seen the increase in students throughout the school this week and truthfully so, because around 250 students came back from online school. Many students had a reunion with their friends who were in online school, which is awsome. However, the increase in students did bring some effects to something. You guessed it, the pandemic.

As the new students came to school this past week you can see the increase in corona rates, information from the covid-19 daily reports from the Bulloch county website.

This shows a major increase in quarantine rated with the increase in more students for this semester. This could also be a problem with gatherings during Christmas. In the end because with the increase with students, be aware of social distancing. Unless you want to get quarantined.

Does Parent Engagement Really Affect Student Learning?

James Park-Statesboro-11/11/2020

It’s finally the month of November, which means Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other fun things are coming closer. In school, November is parent and family engagement month. November 19, officially marks the National parental Involvement day. Now that’s cool and all, but what we are wondering is, does parent engagement really help students with academic achievement?

Now before we answer that question, we have to know what parent engagement looks like. For our purposes we will define parent engagement as anything a parent can do that will affect their child in a mostly positive manner at school. It can be as simple as showing up to a students game to show your support, but can be small as just helping the students do their homework.

Now to the real question, is it helpful to the students? According to Waterford.org, a program that partners with educators, districts, families, and communities to help children succeed in school, said, "Yes it's helpful to the student." According to the article, fifty different studies on parental engagement, educational researchers found a connection between family involvement and academic achievement. And the earlier educators establish parent engagement, the more effective they are in raising student performance. "Parent partnerships formed during elementary school years build a strong foundation for student success and future engagement opportunities.”

However, this is just what the article thinks, so let's see what actual students said. One student I spoke with said, “No, all my parents do is yell at me, so I don’t think it's really helpful.” While another student said, “Yes in some ways, because it's helpful when my parents help me with stuff and pick me up after school.”

Parental engagement, in the end, can be helpful, but it would appear that students need the right amount and type of engagement. Let's hope that November provides further guidance for us all.

It's Official!!!

The upper level audio/visual class has officially launched the first episode of "Speak of the Devil." Mr. Farrell said he is proud of the work they have done to make this happen. "Because of such small numbers it was more difficult than I previously thought to get this finished. I was very surprised that we put together a 20 minute first episode". Mr. Farrell hopes his class will finish out with at least 10 to 13 episodes for the first season. "In simplest terms the episodes will be similar to a variety show, with kids showcasing their talents, and performing anything from skits to full on interviews about what it means to do school as a Blue Devil," Mr. Farrell said. The Advocate will definitely inform you of future episodes. In the meantime check out the first episode by clicking on the link below.

Mock Elections Results

James Park-Statesboro-10/27/2020

The presidential election is coming close to the end. In about 5 days, the results will come out determining who will become the next president of America. In this year's elections, there are 4 candidates that could be voted on to become the president.

These candidates being:

*Donald Trump from the Republican party

*Joe Biden from the Democratic party

*Jo Jorgensen from the libertarian party

*Howie Hawkins from the Green party

Now because of the presidential elections, we decided to do a mock election for the school, to see who would win the election if left up to the students in SHS. Here are the Results.

Out of the 62 responses, the candidate with the most votes was Joe Biden from the democratic party, followed by Donald trump, Jo Jorgensen, and finally Howie Hawkins. This closely resembles the countries feelings, because from the current pools right now, you can see that Joe Biden is still on top of all other candidates like trump.

The new Id’s in Bulloch county

James Park, Happenings reporter

October 1st, 2020

You arrive at school, ready to brace the new school day. Then you realize the new shiny card that you were supposed to have everyday, you know the one, your I.D. a badge that hangs around your neck, is missing. This year in Bulloch county, all high school students were given a new Item. I.D.s. These I.Ds are hung around your neck using a lanyard, and are needed everyday for school.

You might ask yourself, what if you forget it? Well no worries, in the Library, orange stickers are given as replacements for the I.D.s. If you lose your I.D, no worries you can get a new I.D.s for 5$ in the library. You might think this is quite expensive just for an I.D, but with the cost of I.D, lanyard, printing, Ink, and etc, it’s about 4-5$, so you really are just covering the cost.

You might ask, “why were they made?” The main reason the I.D.s were introduced was because of safety of the students, so basically the I.D.s were introduced because of the Virus. Making these I.D.s was also really time consuming. The media specialist worked very hard to make the I.D.s.

Now, even though you may think there are some bad things about the I.D.s there are also a lot of benefits. We asked the principal of SHS, Mr. Prosser, and asked him how the I.D.s benefited the school. This is what he said, “Yes - we feel like we have reduced touchpoints by using IDs for checking in and out of school, purchasing lunches, and checking out books. Also, the IDs allow every staff member to identify every student by picture, name, and grade level."

How The Corona Virus is affecting Bulloch County

James Park, Happenings reporter

September 9th, 2020

Right now, The Corona Virus is causing mass quarantines and many safety precautions for people all around the world. The coronavirus, which originated from China, swept the world by storm inflicting deaths and mass panic around the world.

Now because of the virus, Georgia, and more importantly Statesboro/Bulloch county, has been affected severely as well. Today, September 9th, 2020, there are 268,684 confirmed cases in Georgia and 2,472 confirmed cases in Bulloch County. With this comes safety precautions. Masks are required inside the city limits of Statesboro and are required to go into most businesses.

This also caused some changes for SHS and other schools in Bulloch county. Right now, there are 2 types of schools in bulloch county, online and on campus. The percentage of people on campus right now is about 55.4% which makes it about half. And with the ever increasing number of mandatory quarantines, this number could get much lower.

Now for the safety precautions for the school, masks are not mandatory, but students are really encouraged to wear them. Most students in classes and the school are separated from one another. For example in Lunch, you can only sit on one side, and are also separated by 1 seat for every student. They are also encouraged to stay about 6 feet away from one another. This made lots of challenges for faculty staff and students.

Our principal Chad Prosser is staying optimistic and told me, “One of the biggest challenges that this pandemic has created is the unknown. Every day is a new challenge. From balancing the number of virtual teachers and students with face-to-face teachers and students to making sure we have as many safety precautions as possible in place, we are preparing something new everyday. While I'm excited about the way that our teachers and students have stepped up to the challenge, I look forward to the day where the primary focus of our teachers is building relationships with students to maximize student achievement!”


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