Living Through the Depressions Chapter 10, Lesson 3

Women began to work in desperation for money, although they were payed less than men and were the breadwinners of their family.

The New Deal helped the first woman to ever serve in the cabinet. Frances Perkins was the secreatady of labor.

About 400,000 people migrated to California to become migrant workers, and they were called "Okies" because most came from Oklahoma.

The Dust Bowl caused bankruptcy for many farmers because of crop failure.

President Roosevelt appointed a number of African Americans to federal posts and even had a "Black Cabinet", which he often sought advice from.

Mary McLeod Bethune founded Bethune-Cookmam College in Florida, was a trusted presidential adviser.

The First Lady helped Marian Anderson by letting her perform at the Lincoln Memorial, after she was refused by Constitutional Hall because of her race.

The "Indian New Deal" helped restore Native American cultures damaged by past government actions.

John Collier pushed Congress to pass the Indian Reorganization Acr of 1934 restoring tradionational tribal government and provided money fl enlarge some reservations.

Soap operas became popular and were named after ads featured for laundry detergent. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and The Wizard of Oz were very uplifting and creative.

Many paintings and photographers told stories of the Great Depression.

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