The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Maina Aoita

As I entered the building I was caught off guard by the decorations that hung along the ceiling. But when I entered the auditorium, it was breath taking. It was my first time witnessing a play in real life. The play started right away so I was surprised when I saw the actors run about the stage. It was so lively and so real, something I wouldn't experience when watching a movie on the television.
Being with friends and my sister made the experience more enjoyable. I enjoyed laughing along with them when something comical happened. Being able to feel the energy of laughter and curiousness around me was somewhat exciting.
I am unsure about the central issue but that there were issues spread among certain people. Before attending the play, I read a brief summary that a famous actress was arriving in a city in the 20th century. After watching the performance, I couldn't stop thinking about the hardship poor people had to face when trying to survive. People that grew up with a silver spoon has no idea what it's like. When people are in poverty, they will do anything to get themselves out of it. The subject has no relation to my own life.
Since it was my first time experiencing a play for the first time, it was exhilarating because of how these actors were performing their parts extremely well. It felt like as if I was feeling their emotion as they played their part. Though when heard about Leo's death it made me feel distraught since his character was so upbeat and innocent. I also felt pity for the impoverished for their efforts in getting themselves out of their situation. Especially escaping the abuse of a priest. I felt anger when I discovered that the shoemaker factory owner treats his employees with his cruel demeanor like stepping on the hand of one of his workers when she was trying to fix his suit.


Thanks for my sister Keina Aoita for participating in my selfies. The picture from the play was provided from It is not the actual picture from the UF play.

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